Thursday, December 30, 2010

One Week Away

We are officially one week away from our move. It is hard to believe it is finally here. It seems as though we have talked about it for so long and now it is here. Did I say already that it is hard to believe. Yeah, sorry. We are so excited to get up to St. Louis and dive into this stage of our lives, but also sad to leave what we have known here. So many mixed emotions. On one hand I am ready to be done with:
1. Orange carpet--enough said
2. Semi-warm showers--our water heater here is tempermental and I like me a good scolding hot shower and never know from day to day if it will be hot or barely warm or even kinda cold.
3. Cardboard Boxes--I have had boxes in my home for 7 months at least now, since we sold our house, we never fully unpacked here, so it will be nice to get everything out.
4. Cooking with only half of my kitchen things, I left many things packed up and can't wait to get it all out in St. Loius--it will be like Christmas morning when I get to open all of our boxes up there.
5. The long drive from our house to really just about anywhere. I drove nearly 40 minutes to work and 20 to the grocery store...We will live right across the street from the grocery store in St. Louis and 15 minutes to school for Michael and the house I will be nannying at.
On the other hand, I will miss many things incredibly, including:
1. Family--duh right? Michael and I love our families and will miss them, but look foward to having them come up and stay with us! Can't write too much on this, I know Grandparents are gonna cry throughout this week probably and I don't want to add to the tears, but We love you guys so much and will cherish moments we get to have together either in St. Louis or B'ham.
2. Our Church Family--man, I will start crying as I continue this post...What an impact this body of Christ has had on our family. I cherish the time that we got to spend with these amazing people and wish I could pack them up and take them with me....
3. Now, to things that won't necessarily make me cry (well, not as much at least): Sweet Tea, knowing my way around (I don't like driving around figuring out new roads), Maja's almond skillet bread, Briarwood Ballet, and just being in the South (Southern people are just so friendly).

We have been busy this week getting all the details worked out and finishing up on packing around here. We have had quite the time with medical insurance drama and all, but I think Michael has gotten everything squared away and we are go for take off :)
We are sad that so many people are sick right now and hope to get everyone better so we have time with people before leaving. Poor Nana found out today that she has the flu, so hopefully and prayerfully she can get better quickly so we can have time to hang out with them before next week. So many dear friends at our church too have been facing colds and flu and all, we hope everyone gets better quick!
Anyways, just thought I would update about my thoughts on being a week away. We are hoping to just enjoy our last week here and get all geared up for the big drive up next Friday :)

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