Monday, December 13, 2010

Jesse Tree 10 & 11

Well, we are not doing so hot at keeping up on the blog, but here is our catchup!
Day 10

Exodus 3--We see the story of Moses and the burning bush. We see how Abraham's family grew really large, which we call the nation of Israel. We see how God's people ended up in Egypt and under the rule of a mean king, Pharoh. They called out to God to save them from this horrible king, which is where we see God speak to Moses through the burning bush and tell him to go save His people from Pharoh. It is such an incredible story, that shows us how when we are hurting or scared, we can cry out to our Lord and He will take care of us.

Our ornament was created by daddy, the artist. He made a burning bush and sk filled it in with the markers.

Day 11
Exodus 12

Today we look further into the story of Moses and how he goes to Pharoh to set God's people free, but Pharoh refuses. God puts plagues upon the land, and even through all of that, Pharoh still does not allow the people to go free. Then, we get to the passover. We see how God preserves and protects His people by using the blood of a lamb to show they were a part of God's family. It is neat to see the connection of how we are a part of that same family and the lamb was provided for us through Christ our Lord. Through His atoning blood we are saved from the death we deserve from our sins.

Our ornament: We decided to make a lamb with cottonballs. Sk loved using the glue to stick the cottonballs to the ornament and then draw the legs and put the eye on.

We got to go Sat. to the Moody Christmas Parade with friends and had so much fun! Sarah Kate hung out a lot in Kara's arms. First pic is waiting for the parade to start, she heard it coming and was so curious, then the next picture is of Caleb covering SK's ears since she really didn't like the sirens and loud trucks. SK, Maddie, and Witt really got into the catching candy and things that were thrown off of the floats. SK had a blast with her first parade!
So for those of you who haven't heard our story of our day Friday, here is a quick recap. I got all prepped for surgery, IV and all to find out that I am anemic and it was not safe to take me to surgery. I, instead, went to a hemotologist to get more blood work (which caused me to pass out since I tend to do that and hadn't eaten since the night before). I will go back to the hemotologist to get results and determine if it is more of a b-12 deficiency and folic acid, or if my body is not absorbing it well, or what else it could be (We had it all explained to us, but we don't completely understand it all). So all that to say, our prayer is that we can get this all worked out and my levels back up so I can have surgery before our insurance changes (which will happen the last day of Michael's work, Dec. 23rd). There are 2 surgery dates left before that date: this friday and tues of Christmas week. Pray with us that all will get worked out with my levels and we can have the surgery before our insurance changes. We are thankful that God allowed us to catch this before going to St. Louis. He is in the midst of this, we know and are so thankful.
Thanks for your prayers!

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