Thursday, September 10, 2015


So I have so many posts I could many things I haven't blogged about, but that is just how it goes these days.

I am good at doing random posts, so that is how we will do today :)  That is how my brain works with so much going on and such little time to spend on here.

*I have a driving lesson today.  This will be my 3rd.  While I have driven about 16 years, I haven't driven in the UK and haven't ever learned how to drive a manual.  So I get lessons.  Driving here is much different and takes learning for sure.  You are on the other side of the car, driving on the other side of the road and that really can mess with a girls brain!  Then there are so many roundabouts and different signs to learn how to navigate.  There are pelican crossings, toucan crossings, zebra crossings, etc. etc.  All I need to know to pass the theory test and hazard perception test then take the driving test.  So far my lessons are helping.  I am getting out on the road more with Michael with me and practicing what I am learning.  I have only stalled out a **few** ish times :)

*SK is back at school (started last week) and is now in Year 3 (which would be 2nd grade in the states).  She is loving being back with her friends and is doing well so far it seems with what they are working on in the classroom.  Next week, school clubs start and she is pumped to be able to participate in clubs (she started too late in the year after we got here to do them last year).  She will be doing gymnastics and running clubs.  Then she and I are doing a parent/child cookery club, which sounds fun too!  The girl will be busy this fall I think!

*Silas is now 5 months old!  He is such a sweet baby boy.  He is wearing 3-6 month clothing and some 6 month things like sleepers (the boy is tall!)  He will occasionally still sleep through the night, but most nights lately will wake 1 time for a little feed).  He rolls like a champ both ways.  He is pulling himself to sitting positions when he sits in our laps, so I am guessing he is nearing sitting up on his own.  The boy is quite the drooler.  I put bibs on him most days to save his shirts from being soaking wet.  He loves batting and playing with toys now, which is fun.

*Evie girl is nearing her 3rd b'day.  She is quite the handful most days with her spunky spirit and strong will.  She will scream and throw fits most days.  She is getting more and more into playing pretend.  She dances and sings around our house everyday and has the best giggle around.  She loves shoes and loves going to get her sister from school.  She doesn't nap, but will occasionally fall asleep in the stroller (pram) on the way to get her sister from school.  She still refuses to potty train.  I haven't had the energy to fight that one more yet.  She will get there eventually right??!!

*It has turned cold here.  Like I have worn a cardigan or sweater everyday lately.  A couple mornings ago we went out the front door to take SK to school and could see our breath.  We have had to run our radiators.  Today is a bit warmer (high of 72 I think).  Better get used to the cold and dreariness right?  :)

That's all I got for now.  How about that for a quick random update...maybe that will just be the theme of how this blog looks for this season of life.  I think I end up stressing over wanting to do better than just a random update, and then don't end up doing anything at all on here.  I think I might do better if I just give in and do it this way and not give up since I don't have pics uploaded or better organized updates.  Take me or leave me...but this is how it goes these days.  3 Kiddos and life here keep me busy.

Maybe I will come back sooner and update again with some more random goodness....