Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snowmageddon 2014

Today has been quite a fun day so far!  When we heard and saw the forecast for the coming days we wondering if we would really get that much snow, but oh we have.  And it is still falling steadily out there.  Michael and SK are heading out soon I think to do a measuring, but my guess is we have 10 inches so far and sounds like a couple more before it ends in a few hours.  The temps are dropping all day too, with tonights lows in the negatives and tomorrow getting maybe to 1 degree.  That's the high, so most of the day we will be in the negatives probably.  Sounds like a stay inside and drink warm drinks all day kinda day :)
Since the snow started falling early, church was cancelled for most everyone.  So we had our own little "house church" in our apt. building with the other families that live in our building.  It was really cool.  After that SK headed outside to play with all her friends, which we thought was a good idea since she won't probably be going out tomorrow in the negative temps :)  At one point we looked outside and she was getting buried in the snow by her friend, then she buried her friend.  Oh to be a child and think that is fun.
Evie on the other hand has hung out inside with me all day.  She is taking a good nap now and we are getting plenty of chill and read book time and such :)

Here are some pics we have so far from the day.  Michael said he will snap some more in a bit when he and SK go out…
 The parking lot after they plowed it…I don't think we will be driving anywhere for a couple days at least :)
 Outside our door…winter wonderland!
 Building worship time this morning :)
 Sweet girl playing with mom while the others play in the cold :)
 Daddy having so much fun...
 "Where's Daddy's feet?"  And side note…I am taking the pic from the comfort of the indoors while these crazies are outside… :)
 Evie having a snack with me…fun story…she brought me the box of graham crackers from our pantry after chewing on the box for a bit (see the teeth marks on top???)   

 SK getting buried...
SK returning the favor :)

Cookies are baking in the oven and it's time for my afternoon tea.  SK and Daddy are bundling up to go out and the baby just woke from her nap.  More pics to come later!