Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fall and Freedom

As I write this, I am sitting in Bent's Garden Center...alone.  That means, I drove...all by myself :)  And to top it off, I didn't hit anything or stall out on my way here!  Woohoo.

So I have looked around, without children pulling at me.  And now I sit with a vanilla latte and cheese scone.  I don't have to share my scone or latte (Evie girl loves her some coffee and tea!).  Can you tell I am a little bit excited about this???

So let me take some of this time to update the ole blog :)

In random thoughts of course....

*Fall is in the air here.  The leaves are changing and I have a vest on.  We have had some cold mornings, but there have been many days lately where the temps have risen during the day and it's been quite nice.

*Evie celebrated her 3rd b'day a couple weeks ago.  I took pics, but my hard drive is full, therefore I can't upload pics from my camera.  It's on the to do list to clean off my hard drive...eventually we will get to that.  She had a blast on her big day though.  We had friends over and had pizza and "Peppa Pig" cookie cakes and "Muddy Puddles" (meaning chocolate pudding with fun toppings).

*We went yesterday and looked at the preschool we hope to start Evie in beginning in Jan.  She will get to go 2-3 days a week (and it's free to boot!).  She loved looking around and had a hard time convincing to leave :)

*Silas turned 6 months old last week!  He is such a sweet easy going baby.  We are delving slowly into foods for him.  Most days I just give him something at dinner time (evening meal--called "tea" here).  So far he has had avocado, banana, and sweet potato.  He is getting better at eating and seems to love everything so far.

*Sarah Kate is doing well at school. She was commended yesterday and was "star" runner for running club this week too!  She loves running club and seems to do quite well :)  We also do "cookery" club and she enjoys that :)

*Silas was baptized on Sunday.  Michael got to do it and that was so precious.  I teared up of course :)  We have a video of it if anyone wants us to send it to them we are happy to share :)

*This Tuesday, Michael and I are going to take our "theory driving test".  I guess I should be studying right now, but I will get to that later...

*There is Christmas stuff coming out in all the stores.  It's too early.  Just my random thoughts on that :)

That's all I got right brain is too tired to think of what else I could update on...oh well :)

Off to enjoy a little more strolling around Bents, then *hopefully* a nice drive home!