Thursday, April 29, 2010

A couple good deals at Publix!

Just thought i would post some good deals I am planning to get this week at publix!
1. Mccormick Garlic Powder is on an unadvertised b1g1 supposedly (I will check when I go tomorrow)--Here is a Publix .55 cent coupon, and You can pair it with the $1 off 1 Mccormick seasoning or spice coupon found in the 4/25 rp--should make them free!!
2. While you have out your 4/25 rp, clip the .50 cent Mahatma rice coupon--the small bags of rice are priced around .89 cents I think, so when the coupon doubles, you will have a small money maker!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Great coupons!!

Finding some great coupons this afternoon online! Just thought I would post some up here:
Here is a coupon for Classico Pasta Sauce, buy one red sauce and get a white sauce free
Here is a Pillsbury .70 cent coupon for 1 crescent roll. Personally, I found the best deal to use this coupon at Food Giant (I will wait till Monday, so it will double)--they are on sale 3/$5, so with the coupon it will be .27 cents each. I was only able to print 1 coupon at each of my computers, but try to see if you can print 2! that is a good deal for crescent rolls!

Hope someone finds these helpful!!

Menu Plan

I was thinking that I might start to attempt to set up certain themes for each day (not something everyday, but a few days a week). After my couponing class last night, I got to thinking it would be a good idea to do:
1. Our menu plan for the week. I thought this might inspire ideas for your own kitchens and help me stay organized. If I tell you I am going to do this, then I feel committed and therefore I will be sure to have my menu planned each week and not have any last minute, " Oh, NO! what am i gonna cook for dinner" nights.
2. Deals I got from publix. I love posting pics with sk and I will try, time willing, to post some coupon matchups for the best deals i got that week.
Not sure about any other days, what I might do, but this is a good goal to start with. Dont want to shoot too high, I will fail miserably.
So on another note, my couponing class last night was so fun! I had a great group of ladies, some brand new to the couponing thing and some that have been trying it for a few months. I think we all learned some new things! I can't wait to see these ladies start reporting their incredible savings with the heads held high!! This is so much fun!
Now to our menu for this week:
Monday: We ate out (Subway=with a coupon), since we weren't going to be at home for dinner.
Tues: Taco Soup
Wed.: Chicken Enchilladas
Thurs.: Leftover Taco Soup (Michael won't be home, so it's just me and sk)
Fri: Ham (Frozen leftover ham from Easter), Green Giant Steamers Mixed Veggies, Homemade Bread, and Salad
Sat.: White Pizzas (with Chicken, Alfredo Sauce, Spinach) and Salad
Hope this helps someone :) Hope y'all have a lovely day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sarah Kate's day at the Zoo with friends!

Sarah Kate went with her friend Haynes to the zoo today and had a blast! We started out our day of fun with a picnic at botanical gardens and then decided to stroll around there and try to get some pics, then we headed to the zoo! Sarah kate loved seeing all the animals and playing with her friend Haynes (he loved the first half, and passed out for the second half in his stroller). It was a beautiful day to go, not crowded and not too hot!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pop!!

Sarah Kate wanted to tell Pop, "Happy Birthday, Pop!!" this morning! She loves her Pop and she hopes he has a wonderful birthday!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sprinkler Day!

Sunday afternoon, we decided to pull out the sprinkler and let Sarah Kate play in the water while we did some yard work. It was such a lovely day and felt so great, we stayed out till it was almost dark :) Sarah Kate did more drinking of the hosepipe water than playing! She would stick her tongue out and drink it, then look at me or Daddy and lick her lips and say "yumm, yumm!!" She is such an outdoor girl. Every morning lately, we wake up and she begs to go outside to "play" or "swing" (sometimes it turns into, "PLAY....SWING..."). I think she would stay out all day if I let her :) It has been awesome weather lately and I am glad she likes to go out, because her momma and daddy do too!
Sarah Kate did a good job too of helping daddy water the grass :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter weekend 2010

Just thought I would share some pics from our Easter weekend. Sarah Kate had so much fun learning the concept of hunting Easter eggs! We went Fri. morning to start things off to the nursing home we visit and had a hunt there. We had lots of fun looking for the eggs with Annika and Maja! Sat. morning we headed to our church for their annual Egg Hunt. It was raining a little, so it became an indoor egg hunt, which was fun :)
Sarah Kate did a good job of sitting with the other kids listening to Mrs. Paige tell about the Resurection Eggs. Then it was off to hunt. After that we headed straight the her cousin, Haven's, 2nd birthday party at Pump it Up. That is quite the fun place.
I think the adults had more fun than the kids. Sarah Kate was really unsure about the big jumping things at first, but after some time, she branched out and really had a good time!
Sat. night we made resurection cookies with Sarah Kate. Daddy read us the story and Sarah Kate helped Mommy stir and mix all the ingredients. Sarah Kate actually picked up some the the story and was repeating some of it back to us the next morning as we told her Jesus was no long in the tomb. She was precious as she told us her version of the story that she got from what we had told her.
Sunday was full of activities too. We headed to church and enjoyed worshipping a RISEN SAVIOR, and then headed home to meet family coming over to eat. We enjoyed some ham and such and then got to decorate eggs and then do our 3rd egg hunt.
By this point Sarah Kate was quite the pro at the whole thing :)

I think this picture happened to capture too why Haven ended up with a blue stained mouth :) We are so blessed to get to worship a risen Savior who loves us with an everlasting love!

Publix trip 4/7/10

We had a great trip today at Publix! I spent $68 on all the items above, and not included in the pic is a $50 bp gas card! So total: $18 on the groceries this week :) Some of the best deals:

cinnamon toast crunch-b1g1--making it $1.98 a box-$1.50 peelies found on the boxes= .48/box

Midol--$3.69-$2 publix green adv. coupon and $2 printable coupon=.31 overage x2

Heinz Vinegar--.99-.50 cent coupon doubled to $1=free

Suave haircare--$1-.50/2 coupon and .55/1 publix coupon x2=.10 overage

Bayer---$2.65-$2 green adv. flyer coupon and $1 newspaper coupon=.35 overage

Immaculate cookies--$1.54-$1 coupon in Publix mag.=.54

Yoplait yogurt--$1.25-.50 cent coupon doubled to $1=.25

coffeemate creamers--1.00-.50 cent coupons doubled=free (and I had printed a b2g1 free coupon too--so I was able to score all 4 for free!!!

Goldfish--$1 (no coupon :(=$1--but the joy in Sarah Kate's eyes as we drove home and she chowed down on some goldfish=priceless :)

Stoffer's family size entrees- $3.99-$2.50 coupon found on facebook fan page=$1.50 each

Publix bleach-$1.67-penny item coupon-1.66= .01

ground chuck-on sale $2.69/lb.x3

bc brownies 1.26-$1 peelies (found sometime back)= .26 each


fresh green beans

lemonades (which I plan to use to make some homemade dishwasher detergent)

bush's blackeyed peas--.93

bp gas card--$50-$10 in ad coupon= $40

Good day I must say!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Free Pantene Full Size sample!!

There is a great offer right now on Vocalpoint, that was available last week, and is available again! If you missed this last week, you can sign up for a free sample of Pantene shampoo and conditioner from Vocalpoint. If you aren't already a member of vocalpoint, you will first need to apply on their website.
So today I had a couponing class in Vestavia with a great group of ladies and we had a great time! I love sharing how to get into this couponing thing and seeing others get excited about saving lots of money and having fun with it too! We haven't been shopping this week yet, but will post a pic when we get around to it and a break down of what all we got!
I have another class next Tues. in Chelsea that will be quite fun I am sure! These classes are so fun, and I can't wait to see more and more join in on this crazy couponing thing!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Cheap Photostamps!!!

I found these today looking around at blogs and jumped right on it! If you go to southersavers, she has the full post on how to get 60 personalized photostamps for $21.16!! That is cheaper than the price of stamps themselves!!! I got some cute ones of my little girl, Sarah Kate posing :) These will be fun to use and I will save one for her baby book. I think in 30 years or so she might think it is neat to see the cost of stamps when she was 2. Check it out! here is the link for southernsavers blog on how to get this great deal!