Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Menu Plan

I was thinking that I might start to attempt to set up certain themes for each day (not something everyday, but a few days a week). After my couponing class last night, I got to thinking it would be a good idea to do:
1. Our menu plan for the week. I thought this might inspire ideas for your own kitchens and help me stay organized. If I tell you I am going to do this, then I feel committed and therefore I will be sure to have my menu planned each week and not have any last minute, " Oh, NO! what am i gonna cook for dinner" nights.
2. Deals I got from publix. I love posting pics with sk and I will try, time willing, to post some coupon matchups for the best deals i got that week.
Not sure about any other days, what I might do, but this is a good goal to start with. Dont want to shoot too high, I will fail miserably.
So on another note, my couponing class last night was so fun! I had a great group of ladies, some brand new to the couponing thing and some that have been trying it for a few months. I think we all learned some new things! I can't wait to see these ladies start reporting their incredible savings with the heads held high!! This is so much fun!
Now to our menu for this week:
Monday: We ate out (Subway=with a coupon), since we weren't going to be at home for dinner.
Tues: Taco Soup
Wed.: Chicken Enchilladas
Thurs.: Leftover Taco Soup (Michael won't be home, so it's just me and sk)
Fri: Ham (Frozen leftover ham from Easter), Green Giant Steamers Mixed Veggies, Homemade Bread, and Salad
Sat.: White Pizzas (with Chicken, Alfredo Sauce, Spinach) and Salad
Hope this helps someone :) Hope y'all have a lovely day!

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