Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sprinkler Day!

Sunday afternoon, we decided to pull out the sprinkler and let Sarah Kate play in the water while we did some yard work. It was such a lovely day and felt so great, we stayed out till it was almost dark :) Sarah Kate did more drinking of the hosepipe water than playing! She would stick her tongue out and drink it, then look at me or Daddy and lick her lips and say "yumm, yumm!!" She is such an outdoor girl. Every morning lately, we wake up and she begs to go outside to "play" or "swing" (sometimes it turns into, "PLAY....SWING..."). I think she would stay out all day if I let her :) It has been awesome weather lately and I am glad she likes to go out, because her momma and daddy do too!
Sarah Kate did a good job too of helping daddy water the grass :)

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