Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sewing projects

So since finding out we are having another girl, my brain has been busy thinking of all the things I want to make.  Of course there has to be matching outfits and cute little knitted things...
It's been fun to start brainstorming about all of the fun things that come with having little girls.
On top of wanting to make little girly things, I also have a market bag on my mind that I want to make.
I found this pattern for free online once you share a link for her book, which the book looks really cool and might need to be on a future Christmas list for myself :)
Here is the link for her book!

Hopefully soon I will tackle the bag and be able to share some photos along with ones of all that I am "hoping" to make for Sarah Kate and her sister.

On another note, we officially have a name for Sk's little sister :)

Should I share it now or make you wait longer....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mimi and Haven's visit

We had a fun filled weekend with Mimi and Haven this last weekend.  They got in town on Wed. just in time for SK's ballet recital (last post was about that) and stayed until yesterday morning.  The girls had so much fun getting to spend the whole weekend together.  We played lots of games, dressed up most days before even eating breakfast, and did all kinds of fun things.  Michael missed out on some of the fun since he had an oral exam on Friday, but he was able to join us after that for the fun filled weekend. 
We decided to head to the farm on Thursday to pick strawberries.  I think the girls ate more strawberries than helping pick ones to take home :)  The little one that I nanny was with us too, so we had lots of strawberry fingers by the time we were done there! 

Friday was our fun afternoon of birthday celebrating for both girls.  Since we weren't able to be with Haven on her birthday and SK's is coming up soon, we decided to plan a fun afternoon to celebrate both girls together.  We took the girls to Sweet and Sassy (a children's salon kindof place) and let the girls get "butterfly makeovers"!  They ate it up the whole time.  They got their hair done.  They got their nails done.  They got their face painted.  It was pretty cute to watch I must say.  Sk and Haven sat so still and nicely for the girls to doll them up :)

After getting done with the makeovers (wings and face painting and all!) we headed to a restaurant there at the mall to eat a yummy dinner.  After dinner we headed home to let the girls open a few presents.  They were so excited, it took a little while to get them settled down for bed :)

Saturday morning we headed out bright and early to the farmer's market and then botanical gardens.  It was a great morning.  The weather was perfect.  Not blazing hot and not cold.  The girls were even able to splash around at the botanical garden's in the children's garden area.

The rest of the weekend included a date night for mommy and daddy (and the girls with their Mimi!), church, and more play time at our place.
It was a little hard once again to Sk when it came time to say goodbye at the airport, but we know we will see them again soon when we come to Alabama in July!

SK's first ballet recital!!

Last Wednesday was a big day around here.  SK got to be in her first ever ballet recital.  She was so excited to get all dressed in her costume and get on the stage.  She looked so stinkin cute all done up with her hair and a little makeup and all.  She had practiced on the stage the day before and was very focussed on following her teacher and doing just like her.  You can tell that she was really thinking and trying to do everything right :)
Mimi and her cousin Haven flew into town just in time to make it to the recital, which she was so excited about too!  I will show some pictures, and the video of her dance in on facebook if you haven't seen it yet.  You kinda need to watch it twice.  The first time to watch the little boy in her class, then the second time to watch SK :)  If you see it, you will know exactly why! 
So here are an overload of pictures from the recital :)

SK with her ballet teacher, Miss Heather 
 Getting herself warmed up before the big show :)

 Her class!

 Her dadddy got her flowers!!!

 Mommy and SK with our flowers (my sweet students got me flowers too!)

 Family photo op...goofy SK :)

Mimi with Haven and SK...yes, my child is sticking out her tongue.

Gender reveal

I have got some catching up to do on the blog!  We have had a big week and there is plenty to share on here :)
I will start with our big gender reveal last Tuesday.  After lunch, Michael, I and SK headed up to the hospital (which is literally across the street from where we live!) for our ultrasound and doctor appointment.  SK was so excited.  I wasn't sure how she would do with the whole thing or if she would even understand what she was looking at with the ultrasound, but she totally did.  She sat in her daddy's lap and asked every 2 seconds what the nurse was looking at.  She loved seeing the little fingers and toes :)  She has already dubbed the new little ones toes as "Papa's piggies"! 
She was in charge of giving the nurse her pink and blue paper that she had written "BOY" and "GIRL" and decorated.  We told the nurse to keep it a secret and put the correct piece of paper in the sealed envelope for us.  It was hard to not know all afternoon, but the time passed quickly since we had our ballet rehearsal later that afternoon (and maybe a little trip to CFA for milkshakes while daddy was in class to help pass the time as well :)).  After eating a quick dinner we got on skype with family back in Alabama.  I wanted to hear everyone's guesses before SK got to open the envelope.  My was a boy.  I just knew it was a boy :)
Then....SK opens the envelope.  Michael and I see the paper before her big scream of "It's a girl!!"
I was shocked.  SO very thrilled too.  SK has said from the beginning that she thought it was a girl in my tummy.  She was right!
We are still not 100% on the name, but hopefully that will come soon.   We are close I think.
I talked with my doctor after the ultrasound and he said everything looked great with the ultrasound.  Baby girl was measuring right on and looking good.  She looks like she is going to have a little button nose like her big sister.  It is so amazing what all you can see with ultrasounds these days.  So amazing.  It was so fun to get to see her little toes and fingers and face.  She is already so very precious to us.  What a gift.  What a very incredible gift that we have prayed and longed for for so very long.

Thank you for your prayers for our family during this time.  I have truly felt them.  So many days I have to remind myself to not worry and fear, but instead trust that God is sovereign and in control of our daughter's life.  He knows the plans HE has in store for her.  I have no choice but to trust and rely on that. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Farmer's Market and Pool time

We have had a fun day as a family and with friends and I actually took some pictures.  Aren't you proud? :)
We started out bright and early this morning having a girls morning at the Tower Grove Farmer's Market.  They were giving out $10 vouchers for the first 500 shoppers!  We grabbed up some yummy strawberries for the girls to snack on while the mommy's got to spend their voucher on a new pair of fun earings!  After looking around for a bit, we let the girls (and maybe we participated was really hot out there) splash around in the water fountain. 

This afternoon after a little rest (Mommy and SK took a little nap) we headed over to the house that I nanny at for a little swimming time.  It was hot (did I say that already?) and a perfect day to break in the swimsuits and go cool off. 

(SK said she was pretending she was at the beach and she wanted to lay out and get some sun...)

Sk had a blast and would have swam for a few more hours, but we had to head in to get ready for a date night.  She had one with her buddies at the Log Cabin (where they offer free childcare once a month for Parent's to get a night out).  Mommy and Daddy headed to a fun restaurant in Clayton then a pit stop on the way back to get some pregnancy cravings at the grocery store :)

We are on the countdown now for our big ultrasound day.  3 days!!  We are so excited.  Yesterday, Sk got to feel her baby brother or sister kick for the first time.  It was really fun and she thought it was so funny. 
We head in to the doctor at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday.  I am ready to see our little one.  Very ready.  It will be comforting to hear the heartbeat and see how she/he is growing and all.  We won't be revealing the gender till later that night.  We actually have decided to not find out ourselves while at the ultrasound.  Our plan is to go to the ultrasound and have the technician put the gender on a piece of paper and seal it inside an envelope.  We will then skype with our family that night and let SK open the envelope and be the announcement girl for everyone.  I am really excited to be doing it this way and find out with our family at the same time.  Tuesday afternoon better go quickly though.  And we better make sure the envelope is sealed well.  No need for temptation, right? :)

Alright, off to get some late night snacks and head to bed.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Doll Carriers

Well, if you read my facebook yesterday, you might have seen the baby doll carrier I made.  I wasn't really sure if anyone would actually be interested, but low and behold, there are!  I really am excited about these things and making them to sell.  I made SK one for Christmas and she has loved it almost daily since then.  I didn't set out to make one for her, but due to not really being able to find one in the stores or etsy that I liked, I decided I could make one.  I love how it turned out!  So much better than the other options out there these days (which aren't very many...)

So, now I am thinking of selling these puppies for a little fun and side income.  Hey, we're in seminary right?:) 

Here is what I am thinking, if you are interesting in purchasing one.  I have this one for sale that I made this week.  Then, i will also make custom ones if you would like that.  You can tell me what colors you would like and we can make it custom for your little girl! (or boy...)  I would say these are perfect for children ages 2-6. 

I can give picture examples of how to put it on or show you in person if it is not being shipped.  The straps are adjustable to fit your child just right and snaps on the waist.  It has a cute pocket on the front for your child to keep their baby's paci or maybe their own snacks or such :)

It is machine washable (would probably need ironing after washing). 

Ok, I think that covers the details.  The cost of these little puppies are going to be $27 and if shipping is needed, that cost would be $3.

I have no idea how much interest there is really going to be, so my goal would be to make and ship or deliver these within 2 weeks, but if there is an overwhelming response, it might take longer.  If you can give me a time frame of when you would like it by that would help.

So, this blog is getting long I know.  If you are interested, please contact me via email, leave a comment here, or message me on facebook.  I will sell the one I have already made (first picture above) to the first who says that is the one they want.

If you are still reading at this point, thanks :)  So, ready to place your order??  Start placing your orders now!  I am pumped about this!