Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gender reveal

I have got some catching up to do on the blog!  We have had a big week and there is plenty to share on here :)
I will start with our big gender reveal last Tuesday.  After lunch, Michael, I and SK headed up to the hospital (which is literally across the street from where we live!) for our ultrasound and doctor appointment.  SK was so excited.  I wasn't sure how she would do with the whole thing or if she would even understand what she was looking at with the ultrasound, but she totally did.  She sat in her daddy's lap and asked every 2 seconds what the nurse was looking at.  She loved seeing the little fingers and toes :)  She has already dubbed the new little ones toes as "Papa's piggies"! 
She was in charge of giving the nurse her pink and blue paper that she had written "BOY" and "GIRL" and decorated.  We told the nurse to keep it a secret and put the correct piece of paper in the sealed envelope for us.  It was hard to not know all afternoon, but the time passed quickly since we had our ballet rehearsal later that afternoon (and maybe a little trip to CFA for milkshakes while daddy was in class to help pass the time as well :)).  After eating a quick dinner we got on skype with family back in Alabama.  I wanted to hear everyone's guesses before SK got to open the envelope.  My guess....it was a boy.  I just knew it was a boy :)
Then....SK opens the envelope.  Michael and I see the paper before her big scream of "It's a girl!!"
I was shocked.  SO very thrilled too.  SK has said from the beginning that she thought it was a girl in my tummy.  She was right!
We are still not 100% on the name, but hopefully that will come soon.   We are close I think.
I talked with my doctor after the ultrasound and he said everything looked great with the ultrasound.  Baby girl was measuring right on and looking good.  She looks like she is going to have a little button nose like her big sister.  It is so amazing what all you can see with ultrasounds these days.  So amazing.  It was so fun to get to see her little toes and fingers and face.  She is already so very precious to us.  What a gift.  What a very incredible gift that we have prayed and longed for for so very long.

Thank you for your prayers for our family during this time.  I have truly felt them.  So many days I have to remind myself to not worry and fear, but instead trust that God is sovereign and in control of our daughter's life.  He knows the plans HE has in store for her.  I have no choice but to trust and rely on that. 

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