Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mimi and Haven's visit

We had a fun filled weekend with Mimi and Haven this last weekend.  They got in town on Wed. just in time for SK's ballet recital (last post was about that) and stayed until yesterday morning.  The girls had so much fun getting to spend the whole weekend together.  We played lots of games, dressed up most days before even eating breakfast, and did all kinds of fun things.  Michael missed out on some of the fun since he had an oral exam on Friday, but he was able to join us after that for the fun filled weekend. 
We decided to head to the farm on Thursday to pick strawberries.  I think the girls ate more strawberries than helping pick ones to take home :)  The little one that I nanny was with us too, so we had lots of strawberry fingers by the time we were done there! 

Friday was our fun afternoon of birthday celebrating for both girls.  Since we weren't able to be with Haven on her birthday and SK's is coming up soon, we decided to plan a fun afternoon to celebrate both girls together.  We took the girls to Sweet and Sassy (a children's salon kindof place) and let the girls get "butterfly makeovers"!  They ate it up the whole time.  They got their hair done.  They got their nails done.  They got their face painted.  It was pretty cute to watch I must say.  Sk and Haven sat so still and nicely for the girls to doll them up :)

After getting done with the makeovers (wings and face painting and all!) we headed to a restaurant there at the mall to eat a yummy dinner.  After dinner we headed home to let the girls open a few presents.  They were so excited, it took a little while to get them settled down for bed :)

Saturday morning we headed out bright and early to the farmer's market and then botanical gardens.  It was a great morning.  The weather was perfect.  Not blazing hot and not cold.  The girls were even able to splash around at the botanical garden's in the children's garden area.

The rest of the weekend included a date night for mommy and daddy (and the girls with their Mimi!), church, and more play time at our place.
It was a little hard once again to Sk when it came time to say goodbye at the airport, but we know we will see them again soon when we come to Alabama in July!

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