Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SK's first ballet recital!!

Last Wednesday was a big day around here.  SK got to be in her first ever ballet recital.  She was so excited to get all dressed in her costume and get on the stage.  She looked so stinkin cute all done up with her hair and a little makeup and all.  She had practiced on the stage the day before and was very focussed on following her teacher and doing just like her.  You can tell that she was really thinking and trying to do everything right :)
Mimi and her cousin Haven flew into town just in time to make it to the recital, which she was so excited about too!  I will show some pictures, and the video of her dance in on facebook if you haven't seen it yet.  You kinda need to watch it twice.  The first time to watch the little boy in her class, then the second time to watch SK :)  If you see it, you will know exactly why! 
So here are an overload of pictures from the recital :)

SK with her ballet teacher, Miss Heather 
 Getting herself warmed up before the big show :)

 Her class!

 Her dadddy got her flowers!!!

 Mommy and SK with our flowers (my sweet students got me flowers too!)

 Family photo op...goofy SK :)

Mimi with Haven and SK...yes, my child is sticking out her tongue.

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