Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Doll Carriers

Well, if you read my facebook yesterday, you might have seen the baby doll carrier I made.  I wasn't really sure if anyone would actually be interested, but low and behold, there are!  I really am excited about these things and making them to sell.  I made SK one for Christmas and she has loved it almost daily since then.  I didn't set out to make one for her, but due to not really being able to find one in the stores or etsy that I liked, I decided I could make one.  I love how it turned out!  So much better than the other options out there these days (which aren't very many...)

So, now I am thinking of selling these puppies for a little fun and side income.  Hey, we're in seminary right?:) 

Here is what I am thinking, if you are interesting in purchasing one.  I have this one for sale that I made this week.  Then, i will also make custom ones if you would like that.  You can tell me what colors you would like and we can make it custom for your little girl! (or boy...)  I would say these are perfect for children ages 2-6. 

I can give picture examples of how to put it on or show you in person if it is not being shipped.  The straps are adjustable to fit your child just right and snaps on the waist.  It has a cute pocket on the front for your child to keep their baby's paci or maybe their own snacks or such :)

It is machine washable (would probably need ironing after washing). 

Ok, I think that covers the details.  The cost of these little puppies are going to be $27 and if shipping is needed, that cost would be $3.

I have no idea how much interest there is really going to be, so my goal would be to make and ship or deliver these within 2 weeks, but if there is an overwhelming response, it might take longer.  If you can give me a time frame of when you would like it by that would help.

So, this blog is getting long I know.  If you are interested, please contact me via email, leave a comment here, or message me on facebook.  I will sell the one I have already made (first picture above) to the first who says that is the one they want.

If you are still reading at this point, thanks :)  So, ready to place your order??  Start placing your orders now!  I am pumped about this!

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