Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Publix trip 4/7/10

We had a great trip today at Publix! I spent $68 on all the items above, and not included in the pic is a $50 bp gas card! So total: $18 on the groceries this week :) Some of the best deals:

cinnamon toast crunch-b1g1--making it $1.98 a box-$1.50 peelies found on the boxes= .48/box

Midol--$3.69-$2 publix green adv. coupon and $2 printable coupon=.31 overage x2

Heinz Vinegar--.99-.50 cent coupon doubled to $1=free

Suave haircare--$1-.50/2 coupon and .55/1 publix coupon x2=.10 overage

Bayer---$2.65-$2 green adv. flyer coupon and $1 newspaper coupon=.35 overage

Immaculate cookies--$1.54-$1 coupon in Publix mag.=.54

Yoplait yogurt--$1.25-.50 cent coupon doubled to $1=.25

coffeemate creamers--1.00-.50 cent coupons doubled=free (and I had printed a b2g1 free coupon too--so I was able to score all 4 for free!!!

Goldfish--$1 (no coupon :(=$1--but the joy in Sarah Kate's eyes as we drove home and she chowed down on some goldfish=priceless :)

Stoffer's family size entrees- $3.99-$2.50 coupon found on facebook fan page=$1.50 each

Publix bleach-$1.67-penny item coupon-1.66= .01

ground chuck-on sale $2.69/lb.x3

bc brownies 1.26-$1 peelies (found sometime back)= .26 each


fresh green beans

lemonades (which I plan to use to make some homemade dishwasher detergent)

bush's blackeyed peas--.93

bp gas card--$50-$10 in ad coupon= $40

Good day I must say!

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