Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jesse Tree Day 5

For our Jesse Tree today, we move forward in history from looking at God's dealings with Noah to God's calling of Abraham. We see a further expanding of God's Covenant of redemption being revealed. We see from the geneology in Genesis that Abraham is a desendent of Shem (one of Noah's sons). The passage that we looked at specifically was Genesis 12:1-7 where we see God calling Abram to leave is family and land to follow God's purposes for Him, and what an incredible thing that is promised to Abraham. He would be the father of a nation that would bless all nations. Of coarse Abraham would not have known exactly what that was going to look like, however he trusted God for what He was going to do to redeem His people. Looking back we now know that this blessing that God speaks of in the covenant He makes with Abraham is ultimately and eternally accomplished in Jesus. Now as those who look to Jesus as Lord, we are looking to the very same source for our salvation as did Abraham. We are sinners who have been graciously adopted as children of God. Christ is not ashamed to call His people brothers and sisters. That would then make us desendants of Abraham through the redemptive work of Christ. Praise God! He has loved and died for sinners like us that we may be adopted into His family!

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  1. Praise God! Thank ya'll for sharing this precious family time... it's a blessing to me! Love to you all, Nana