Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jesse Tree Day 2

Day 2:

Genesis chapters 1 and 2

We read verse 1 and 2 from chapter 1 and then paraphrased the next 2 chapters, since our 2 year old only has so long of an attention span. She does know 2 things though. God made everything! and we asked her why did God make everything? She responded, "for His own glory!!". Thank you Miss Wendy and Miss Becky for teaching my child! It is so fun to watch the seeds get planted and begin to grow as she learns and gains a deeper and deeper understanding of the gospel, even at this age. She knows that God made her and it was for His glory that He did. I love to see her childlike faith. What a beautiful thing.

So today after reading and talking about our story, we cut out our ornament and we used markers (big treat!) to draw the earth. We are having fun with this and I love that this is how we are starting each day.

Hope yall have a lovely Thursday!!

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