Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jesse Tree Day 7

Today we looked at Jacob, Abraham's grandson in Genesis 28. We specifically looked at an interested dream he had where there was a ladder. God spoke to Jacob and confirmed once again the promise He had made to Jacob's grandfather that all nations will be blessed through their family. We flipped over to John and learned there how Christ is the "ladder" that was in Jacob's dream. It is so cool to see how even though Christ hadn't made His appearance, He is seen so much through the old testament. Through the redemptive work Christ did on the Cross we have full access to heaven and to our amazing Father. What a beautiful picture. Do we really celebrate in that daily. I know I don't. What awesomeness that God would send His one and only son to make a way for us to have a relationship with Him once again. Thank you Father for such an incredible gift. I can't even fathom...makes my gift giving look pretty sad. What true love that really is. Wow.
Our ornament was the picture of a ladder, which you can barely see in the picture below due to Sarah Kate happily coloring away with her brown till you could no longer see anything but a brown blob :)
Sarah Kate was all better this morning, so she spent the day at MDO, while Mommy recruited the lovely Crissy Sharp to come over and help pack/purge. Man she is a good purger...and good company too :) We got the front living room, which had become overrun with stuff, including sewing projects, boxes, overstock pantry stuff, ect., ect.... Now, you can see most of the floor and everything is boxed, except for the big pile in my kitchen waiting to be taken to the thrift store. Now all that is left before the big day (aka surgury day) is to clean up a bit around here. Which, I will now quit piddling on the computer and get back to work :)

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