Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jesse Tree Day 8 & 9

So it has been a busy last 2 days, therefore the keeping up with the blog has been put on the backburner. We have taken time each morning for our Jesse Tree, just not posting. Sarah Kate has gotten so into doing this each day, she comes in our room each morning and crawls in our bed and looks at us and says it is time for Daddy to read the story and make our ornament. It is so sweet. So to quickly recap the last couple of days:

Day 8--We looked at Joseph, covering Genesis 39-50. Needless to say, we paraphrased much of it. We talked about all of His brothers and his coat that his father gave him and how his brothers really didn't like him and sold him into slavery, yet through it all the Lord took care of Joseph. The Lord was in control the whole time and used Joseph to accomplish His purposes.

Our Ornament was a picture of the coat of many colors with Sarah Kate enjoyed attempting to use "lots of colors!!"

Day 9--We meet Jacob in Genesis 49. Jacob shares with his sons about their futures and we see the promise of a "King", the Lion of Judah.

Our ornament was created by Daddy this morning since we didn't have a printout. Daddy drew a sceptor and a Crown, then Sarah Kate colored the jewels on the crown and the sceptor.

Well, on another note, surgury is tomorrow. I will be heading up to the hospital and scheduled to have surgury at 10:45 a.m. Say a prayer for me if you read this before then. I am nervous, but am so thankful for friends and family that are here to help. Pray that the recovery goes as easily as possible. I have heard some rough stories of the recovery being hard, but I am ready for some rest time and will sit back and take the help that the Lord is blessing us with. Thanks for your prayers.

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  1. I'm enjoying every day... So sweet.... A blessing! Praying!