Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jesse Tree Day 20 &21

Since I had surgery this week, we had to get some substitutes for our Jesse Tree time with SK. Good thing we have some awesome subs :) We left the scripture for Day 20 with Nana and headed off to the hospital. After SK got up that morning, Nana and her spent time reading or paraphrasing the scripture and then coloring their ornament.
Day 20 key scripture: Isaiah 9:6-7
Here we see Isaiah's prophecy of Christ. It is so incredible to see how hundreds of years before the Messiah came, God revealed this promise through people like Isaiah. As we dig into scripture we see how the Lord reveals his plan a little at a time. I remember Michael describing it like a flower bud. You see the seed as it is planted in the ground, not knowing what it is going to look like in the end, but waiting and watering it. Then you see the sprout start to come out of the ground, then as the flower forms you can start to see the petals open and see more of what type of flower it will be, what color, and size, ect. Just like the plan of redemption, God's people knew that the Lord was promising to save his people, and through scripture we see more revealed of how it will look. We see through Isaiah's prophecy that the promised Messiah will be born of a virgin and will be a King of a Kingdom that will never end.
Ornament: SK colored the name of Jesus.

Day 21: SK had a slumber party with Mimi that night, so mommy could rest at home and have Daddy's full attention to baby her. She had an extra special treat to get to have that slumber party with her cousin Haven. The girls had a blast it sounds like baking cookies and playing together. In the morning, they got up and got to do the Jesse Tree story together.
Scripture: Jeremiah 31:33, Reading/paraphrasing all of chapter 31.
We see through Jeremiah, that the Lord will establish a new covenant with his people through Christ. God will write the new law on their hearts. If we look to the Last Supper Christ has with his disciples, Jesus shares how his blood will be the new covenant.
Ornament: A Heart

We are thankful that the Grandmama's spent this time with SK teaching her through scripture about our Lord. Just an update of me and the surgery if you are interested: The surgery went well, I guess, I slept through it :) The doctor did tell Michael that the tonsils definitely looked like they needed to come out. I have stayed on pain meds, just to keep from feeling any pain that might be going on. I have been able to eat some solids, not too much, but I did have cheese toast with soup yesterday, so that is good I think. Icecream is definitely my friend right now too. I am thankful to have an appetite, since we were warned that I might not have one after surgery. My jaw is feeling a bit sore (the Doc did say that I have a small throat making it hard to work around the tube they put in my throat during the surgery--mean my jaw would possibly be sore afterward) and swallowing hurts, but overall I think recovery is going ok. I am resting and drinking lots, so hopefully recovery will be quick, esp. since we move in 2 weeks! Thanks for your prayers, I really appreciate all I can get right now :)
Hope everyone is having a great Christmas week!

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  1. Glad I found yall blog!! I'll add you to the blogs I "stalk"! :) Glad you had a good experience w/your tonsils...I had mine taken out last March and it was the worst thing I've ever had to do!

    Glad things are going well in St. Louis. I remember when we moved to Louisville for seminary and it was really hard at first, but I'm so glad looking back that we followed God's will and we are right where He wants us right now!!