Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jesse Tree Day 14 & 15

Day 14: We looked back in Joshua, we get to where Joshua leads the Israelites to the promised land, which they must conquer before they are able to call it their own. Joshua then sends 2 men in to check out the situation and then report back to Joshua. These 2 men find refuge with a woman named Rahab, a prostitute and Gentile, who we see through her testimony has heard of God and put her faith in Him, and risks her own life to help hide these men. The men give Rahab a way in which to show the Israelites not to harm her or her family when they come into the city, by hanging a scarlet rope out of her window.

What faith that is! Risking her own life for a God she hardly knew, but completely trusted. We flip over to Matthew 1 and see how she ends up being a part of the geneology of Christ, she being 1 out of only 5 women found in the geneology. So many cool things we can see through that.

Day 15: We turn to Judges 7 and learn about the story of Gideon. We see how the M. and A. armies had been oppressing the Israelites for 7 years, which was allowed by God for the idolatry from the Israelites. God spoke to Gideon, who put an end to the idolatry and formed an army to take over the M. and A. armies. Gideon had an army of 32,000 and God told him to make his army smaller so they would not be able to boast in themselves and their own power, for their boasting was to be in the Lord and His power. God then took the army down to only 300 men, much less than the other armies. Then God revealed to Gideon in a dream the battle plans. Each man was to take a jar, a torch, and a trumpet and divide into 3 groups. With Gideon's signal the men were to break their jars, waive their torches, and blow their trumpets. The M. and A. armies then proceeded to flee in fear.
What an awesome story to show us that God will use us even though we are weak and it might look like we are outnumbered and outpowered. God does the same thing today, that He did way back then. He shows us that with His strength we can do ALL things. Not our own strength or our own power, but only His!

Well--just to keep everyone, or at least whoever might be reading our blog, I went to the doctor (Hematologist--blood doc) and had more labs drawn and another b-12 shot. From what they can tell thus far, it might be that the only way my body is accepting b-12 is through shots, which would mean I would be on b-12 shots regularly (Have I meantioned that I really don't like needles and shots...and I have had lots the last week or so...). We are waiting on one more lab result and then also waiting to see if the b-12 shots begin to make my blood levels go up. Our prayer is that it is that simple and it is nothing else (I did go over other possibilities out there, but most likely are not the case with me). Given all of this, my blood doc then called my ent doc and told him that I would be fine for surgery in his opinion. Both doctors feel that I will be fine with surgery and so we have set things up for Tues being the big day (once again...)! I will go back to the blood doc on monday for another shot and labs, and maybe at that point my levels will be heading up in the right direction, then he said he might be prescribing me shots that I can just do at home and I will have to find a hematologist when we get to St. Louis to continue checking my levels and all. Crazy!! Oh, and did I mention surgery will be 2 days before our insurance changes...Whew! I will say that I am so thankful to the Lord for us finding this out before the insurance change and before our move. God is so good and is working this all out for His purposes and Glory!!

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