Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jesse Tree

In the midst of our chaos, we decided that it would be best this year to not drag out the Christmas tree and ornaments. Kinda sad, but we don't really think it makes much sense to unpack a box while in the midst of packing and then have one more thing to pack up after Christmas since we are moving so soon after. We are good with it and know next year we will decorate since we will be settled in and have our home set up. Life is just too crazy right now. So in leiu of our Christmas tree, we decided to change it up a bit this year and replace the normal "Christmas tree" with our version (well, I didn't come up with this, I stole it from others--blogs are great things for getting ideas). We are doing the Jesse Tree this year, which I am sure many of you have heard of or might do yourselves. It is a great way in which to remind ourselves and show our children this celebration is about Christ and we celebrate how God had the redemptive plan from the beginning of time for His people. Each day we will have story time with Sarah Kate and then make an ornament with her to follow along with the story. Michael went out this morning and found our "tree", which equals going outside, in the freezing cold, and getting a good couple of branches. Tree=check! We will be doing our story and ornament in the mornings since that is when Michael is home, but it would be a good thing to do after dinner too, either way. Here is a link that I found helpful which has each days scripture and ornament to go along with it. I would love to be all crafty with this, but most of my stuff is packed away or I just can't find it right now in the mess of our house, so this year, we will have very simple ornaments, but I like that.

So on to day 1:

We read Isaiah 11:1-10

We see through this scripture that the promised Messiah will come from the line of Jesse, hence the name "Jesse tree". Jesse was the father of David, which Joseph was a descendant of.

I am looking foward to Christmas this year and having a simple, worhsipful time as a family to celebrate Christ. Michael and I feel very strongly about teaching our children that Christmas is not about the presents we get or about Santa or even about the fun times we will have baking cookies, it is about Christ. We plan to do plenty of fun things and will even have presents to give and receive, but that is not why we celebrate Christmas.

Back to the tree. So the ornament for today, I cut out a circle, kinda shaped like an ornament. Michael brought in some extra branches, which we cut small and glued in the shape of a tree on the ornament, to symbolize the tree. Sarah Kate really enjoyed this and I think it will be a great way to start each day this month.

After having our craft time, we headed off to get our friend Haynes, go visit our friend at the nursing home and head home for play time. Sarah Kate decided that Haynes needed decorating too, which Haynes thought was hilarious till she started using the necklaces as a leash.... oh my!


  1. We moved to Moody on Dec 27th so that year while trying to sell a house and packing we didn't do a tree either. We got a big snow globe that let up and still have. It is one of the kids favorite
    Christmas decorations.

  2. Hey guys... I love this idea! Wonderful family worship time!!! Great way to tell Sarah Kate about our Lord and Savior!
    All my love, Nana/Mom

  3. I so agree about teaching about Christ. It's hard for me as their mom to not get distracted with all the "good" stuff this time of year, and I love something like the Jesse tree that is structured and such a beautiful way to remind & convict our hearts.