Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jesse Tree Day 16 & 17

The subject for day 16 was Ruth. The book of Ruth is right between Judges and Samuel and has some incredibly redemptive aspects to it especially considering that it occured during the time of the Judges. If you look at the theme of Judges we see national sin being committed by God's people over and over again. In the midst of this period we are given a story of grace and redemption in Ruth. Ruth is a Moabite woman who was widowed by an Israelite man. She desired to go with Naomi (her husbands mother) back to Israel and Worship her God. Being a widow she had no one to care for her. She was allowed to gleen in Boaz's field as he was family. Boaz was the grandson of Rahab who was the harlot woman that helped the spies sent by Joshua. Israel was given a law that if a woman's husband died, the next closest would marry her as the kindsman redeemer. Boaz ended up doing this very thing for Ruth. There is great grace in this story. Moab was a people group that were enemies of God's people. Not only was Ruth brought into the people of Israel, she became a part of the lineage of David and ulitmately Christ. In a very similar way we as believers are shown incredible grace as we were once enemies of God, but are grafted into the family of God through Christ.

Day 17, we looked at the annointing of David. We see how the promised Messiah will come through the line of David, and we see the promise of an eternal Kingdom that will come through the promised Savior. One awesome part of the story of the annointing we looked at in this passage was how David was selected by God not because of his outward strength or looks, but by his heart. God saw David's heart, seeing through the fact that he was the youngest of his brothers (the son's of Jesse) and the weakest. We had fun glueing jewels on a crown for our ornament and then coloring it purple (the color that seems to be Sk's favorite color).

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