Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We made it!!

I can hardly belive we have completed our first semester here in St. Louis. Michael finished his last exam on Tuesday and has a break until June 6th! Woohoo! We are going to enjoy this break and then it will be buckle down time for Greek for the month of June and July. We enjoyed hanging out today, going to the playground and then helping another seminary family pack up their apartment since they are moving this weekend. The thing that I am realizing is hard about this whole seminary thing (well, one of the things...) is making friends and then graduation comes and jobs come that take these people all over the country and world. It is exciting though to see the Lord work not only in our lives to get us here, but in so many other families lives here, opening doors to do ministry. It gets me pumped up to see where the Lord will lead us after finishing seminary.

Michael went with some other guys (seminary guys) to the Card's game tonight as a celebration for finishing up the semester. I am excited for him to get to go to another game! Now, next time he just has to take me too. You can really get a good deal to go to the games here. We have discovered Stubhub for tickets. He was able to find tickets for tonights game for like $4 a ticket and then is riding the Metro to the stadium, so all in all it turns out really inexpensive to go to a game. He deserves it! He worked so hard this semester and I am so proud of him. It is so awesome to see my husband so happy with where the Lord has called us to. To see him go from a job that he really wasn't that happy in, knowing that the Lord was calling him into ministry has been really awesome to see. I love watching the Lord mold his heart and all.

I am going to pop in a movie I picked up from the library yesterday and relax since little bit is in bed and the hubby isn't home. My momma is flying up tomorrow, so it will be a fun weekend ahead for sure!


  1. I love it! So excited for ya'll... Have a lovely weekend with your Mom :)
    Much Love to you all... Nana

  2. Aw! Have a great weekend with your Momma! I'm very proud for Michael! You guys enjoy your break and we'll be praying for you continually!