Monday, May 16, 2011

The Healing Path

Remember me sharing some of my recent reads. Well, I let Michael pick a book from his semester reads and I would read it. His pick:

I really enjoyed this book. So, add it to your list too :) Here is a section that really struck me...
"The harm of living in a fallen world leads to the destruction of human glory thruogh the damage inflicted by powerlessness, betrayal, and ambivalence. Evil stands over its labor, content that many have succumbed to its power, or at least to its damage, and have relinquished fath, hope, and love. But it need not be that way. The quintessential cry of hope is found in the remark Joseph made after experiencing devastating physical, sexual, and emotional abuse: "God turned into good what you meant for evil" (Genesis 50:20, NLT).
Damage need not destroy us! The journey of life need not strip us of joy! The walk through the desert and the valley can actually redeem us--but not if our commitment is to flee from it. We live in a culture that is committed to escaping the veil of sorrow, but if we are willing to embrace the damage we can be saved.
Embrace the harm of living in a fallen world. But even more, embrace the God who invites you to find rest and confort in his love. It is in embracing life and God that we are healed and transformed."

"We will be willing to embrace life, including its disappointments, only to the degree we hear God's welcome and see his open arms in the midst of our struggle."

"But we cannot hope unless we learn to wait, and we cannot learn to wait if we have put God on our schedule."

So there are so many other parts I could quote, but I will keep it to those. This book truly addresses so many issues of how we deal with past hurts and pains. I really enjoyed this book. I hope to be able to read more of the books Michael read this semester....we own them, might as well right? :)

Changing the subject, Michael and I watched "The King's Speech" the other night. Good movie. If you haven't seen it, go get it. We really enjoyed it.

ok, that's it for now. I took SK to our new pediatrician today since she has been having some swollen glands in her neck. Low and behold, she has strep. Boo. We are now on antibiotics and I am staying home tomorrow to keep her from sharing germs with the baby I nanny. I am thankful that the family I nanny for was understanding and able to work out me staying home. Off to enjoy some family time watching some Cardinal's baseball on tv!

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