Saturday, May 28, 2011

Adding to "Back to Africa"

So I thought I would mention that I forgot from yesterday when posting about the back to Africa thing. All of the money from this jewelry goes "Back to Africa", meaning 100%! The people who are a part of this ministry don't make money from the jewelry or keep a certain percent, which I thought was pretty cool. It is awesome to think that when you get a piece of jewelry, you are sending all of that money to such an awesome ministry. I totally forgot to tell you about that yesterday, so I thought I would mention that.

Last night I got to go out with my hubby :) We headed to the Touhill Performing Arts where we got to see some pretty awesome companies perform. After that, we headed to the Cheesecake Factory where we split a yummy cheesecake! SK had a blast playing with her friend Lillian. It is such a treat for us to get to go out just us and we are thankful to have friends here that are willing to watch our little girl for us. Babysitting trading works well for seminary familes :)

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