Saturday, May 7, 2011

Funny SK story

So I have to share our morning. Not only for you to get a little laugh, but for us to have to look back at and show Sk one day :)

We are in bed this morning when SK wakes up. She cries out for Momma to come get her and so Daddy decided to get up to go get her and bring her to bed with us (that happens most weekend mornings--cuddle in bed time, aka let mommy and daddy be a little lazy). Well, SK wasn't happy that Daddy came instead of mommy and sent Daddy away, even though he told her that Mommy wasn't coming, but he would take her to me. Daddy left her room with her refusing her offer, then decided about 3 minutes later she should have taken him up on his offer. Then she screams for a good little bit demanding Daddy come back to get her. At this point we were both back in bed, and decided she was not going to yell demands at us and win. So she screamed for Daddy to come get her. We explained that she could get out of the bed herself and come to us, but that isn't the way she wanted things done. She then proceeds to get out of the bed and stand at her doorway and scream for Daddy to come get her. At this point we are almost laughing because she has almost made it to our room, but wanted her way still. She was determined to win. She then proceeds to get to our doorway still whining for Daddy to get her and take her to "Mommy's bed". At this point, we are holding back laughter. She even walks within 2 feet of our bed and still screams for Daddy to get out of the bed to take her to our bed. She finally sumbited to the fact that she wasn't getting her way and walked on over to our bed and climbed in. So it was probably funnier in person, but I just wanted to record it for her to look back on and say "did I really do that?"

So Michael had to go to the library today to get some studying in. SK and I decided to have a girl's day and headed to the Tower Grove farmer's market. It was opening day for the market so there were lots of fun vendors and fun and there was a neat fountain area kids were playing in. So we looked around at the booths, got some yummy cheese then let SK play till her heart was content at the water fountain area. We had a snack at a cute little pond area we found with ducks and geese. Then we headed off to hunt down the movie "Tangled" at the redbox for SK. 2 redboxes later, we found it :) We decided to have a picnic lunch in the living room while watching "Tangled". Good day. We needed a fun day. This week has been a bit emotional for me for multiple reasons, which I have explained some earlier this week. Anyways, today has been good, and I am glad.

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