Monday, May 23, 2011

Mimi comes to town!

We had quite an exciting weekend around here. My mom (Mimi) came into town on Thursday afternoon and left today. We had so much fun each day! I will try to condense this to one post, but there were so many fun things to tell about. Thursday we cooked some dinner and hung out at our house. Then Friday we headed out for a walk to a nearby park to play then a fun little cafe for lunch, napped at home, then headed to City Museum (where we got the biggest workout having a blast!), then dinner at "The ole Spaghetti Factory" downtown close to the arch. That was quite the full day, but so much fun. Saturday, we started with a farmer's market then did a little shopping and hanging out, then we had date night (Sarah Kate had a date with Mimi and Mommy and Daddy went with some friends on a double date!) Sunday we headed to church then took a picnic to the arch where we got to let Mimi treat SK to a princess carriage ride at the arch for her upcoming birthday. After dinner we had cake and present time :) Today we had some fun play time at another park and then lunch together before taking Mimi to the airport. I know Sk had so much fun with Mimi and hated to see her leave. While it has been hard to not live close to family and see then on a regular basis, it makes these times we do have together so very special. So thanks Mimi for coming to see us and creating such fun memories! We love you and can't wait to see you again!

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