Monday, March 14, 2011

What's with the weather...

Saturday SK and I headed out to check out a park that is very close to us. It was a warmer day, so we thought it would be a great day for a walk. She hopped into the stroller and we walked literally 5 minutes away from our house and discovered Oak Knoll park. We had seen it from the road, but had yet to actually go to it. There was a great pond stocked with coy. Sk had a blast with her bubbles she brought and singing to the ducks and fish. We decided it would be a great spot for a picnic soon...just not today since it is snowing...yeah. And notice SK is wearing flip flops on Sat. and today wore snow boots. Wow. And, on top of that it is forcasted to be 76 on Thursday. Crazy weather around here for sure.

Blowing bubbles to the fishies!

Mommy and SK snapshop!

Checking out the pond :)


Lunch with Daddy today! the middle of March!
SK wanted to get in the picture :)

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  1. Love the photos of our sweet little family! Fun... Fun... Fun!