Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend activities

Just thought I would do a quick post about our fun weekend we have had. Yesterday morning we headed to our 2nd swim lesson. After trying to get a nap in unsuccessfully, Daddy got home from work and we got ready to head out for dinner. SK fell asleep on the way to dinner, so we ended up eating dinner with SK asleep laying across the booth in Mommy's lap :) The weather has been warming up a bit, so today (Sunday) we got home from church and decided to head out for a walk. We first ventured over to the same park SK and I went to last week, then headed a bit further to another nearby park that also has some nifty places to eat and more importantly a fun candy shop. Sk and I got to pick out some candy that Daddy treated his girls to, then we walked back home, making a pit stop by the store for icecream and fruit :) Good combination right? We decided to eat our icecream on our front balcony then headed to our front yard to rake some leaves and tidy up the yard a little bit. Now that we are all dirty from playing outside so much today, we are in and about to heat up leftovers and rest for the evening around here. Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend!

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