Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snow Day #765

Maybe I exagerated, but it feels like it has been that many. We headed out this morning to swim lessons and it was bitter cold. It felt strange putting on swimsuits, then bundling up to head out. As we headed home from lessons it was beginning to snow and it is still coming down. We thought it was going to be maybe 2 inches, but instead we have been dumped a good 6 inches. I am so over the snow. Yeah, I guess it is pretty, but it is almost April! It is Spring. Not supposed to happen. At least the roads aren't bad, they seem to be pretty safe. Oh well. Here is a quick glimpse into how we decided to spend our afternoon:

I wish I could say with confidence that this is probably the last of the snow for the season, but unfortunately there is more snow forecasted...hopefully just a mix of snow/sleet/slush, but still. I am ready for real Spring weather to come back around. It was a nice night of warm tomato soup and sandwiches. I can try to be positive right?? And SK had a blast getting to play in it. But, man is it cold.

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