Thursday, March 17, 2011

Picture recap of last couple of days.. .

We have had a couple of fun days lately. Yesterday we went with some friends to the library for story time and got a library card. SK picked out a book and movie to take home. She loved story time :) When we got home later that afternoon, SK had a card from Grandma in the mail that she had fun getting to open then getting to play with some fun stickers!
(Thanks Grandma!)Then, that evening we headed over to the Brown's house to celebrate their daughter's birthday, who is just a few months older than Sarah Kate. The girls had a blast playing together and eating spaghetti and of course some yummy chocolate cake with icecream! Then, today we headed out to the zoo since the weather is getting over 70 degrees today! I am glad we went early, since it was packed when we were leaving. There was a parade getting ready to begin as we were leaving, but it would have been quite the walk and Daddy wasn't there to help with carrying the monkey :) We had heard about the carousel and the children's petting zoo being free for the first hour, so today was our first time to check all of that out. We got there right at opening and headed to the carousel first. SK got to ride it 2 whole times (for FREE!!) then we scooted over to the children's zoo. She was so excited to see all of the animals. She even brushed the goats! Normally she isn't too fond of getting to close to animals, so this was big for her. Then we headed over to the elephants of course.

It was fun to hang out and enjoy some nice weather! Now we are down for nap (hopefully sleeping and not playing...) Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. This makes me happy to read! Glad to see you guys making friends and having some beautiful weather for a change!