Friday, March 25, 2011

Crafty Chore Chart and Ted Drewe's

I am quite excited to finally put together a chore chart for SK. She has been doing chores for some time now, but I think it will help her to have the chart and see what all she has accomplished. We are thinking we will start her on an "allowance" or whatever you want to call it for her completing her chore chart each week. We are doing this for multiple reasons. We think this is a good time to start teaching her how to be a good steward of her money, learn counting, ect. For each button (completely chore) for the week, she will get a nickle. It will looks like lots to her, but in reality it will probably be between $1 and $2 a week. I think this will be fun for her and help her with counting. We are planning to show her how we are called to give back a portion of her $ to the Lord and how saving some is important too. We are wanting it to be her desire to do this, not our enforcing of it. We shall see how it goes, we are still figuring it out and deciding how best to teach her these things. So far she is very excited about it! We shall see how it goes! I had fun making the chart with material I had already and ribbon from my stash, and the buttons were from Grandma that I have had for some time now. Perfect use for them and even better that it didn't costs anything except for the magnet board which came from Hobby Lobby. The buttons have magnets on the back, so we will be able to clear the board each week to start the new week.
On another note, we checked out Ted Drewe's for the first time earlier this week while it was still warm outside, not so much the case now since we have snow on the ground today :(

Sk loved Ted Drewe's so much that she was stealing Daddy's after finishing the one she shared with Mommy :)


  1. Love it! Really good Michelle :)
    Please tell Sarah Kate how proud Nana and Pop are of her :)
    And you know how much we love you all.
    Hugs and Kisses, Nana

  2. Yay! You made it to Ted Drewe's!

  3. It was fun Lisa! We hope to go more as the weather gets nicer!