Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sarah Kate Post

Sarah Kate has been quite the mess lately. She has plenty of moments of pitching fits when not getting her way, but other moments of being so much fun! So here is a quick list of what she is up to lately:

*On days we are home, this is what we were. Our new ballet outfit. She asks everyday if I have found her a ballet class. See, that was our bribe for potty training (which that is another story of how that is going). We made a deal with her that when she stops having accidents, she can start taking ballet class. Good parenting right? o well. We are still having no ballet class yet, but hopefully she will start this fall :)

*Other things that she says: "bums"=vitamins--for some reason she calls vitamins, "bums"--interesting translation right? The last few days she has been calling daddy a "princess" which requires daddy wearing the crown :) Hopefully he won't mind me sharing such a cute pic!

* She is all about being my helper in the kitchen these days. She likes to stir stuff, pour, ect. and even likes cleaning. She gets on her little stool and goes to town cleaning dishes for me :) I might have to go back behind and clean water that has splattered everywhere and rewash what she washed, but at least she wants to help right?

*Yesterday, we met some friends at a mall and played then shopped around a bit. There was a fun carousel that SK really wanted to ride, but since we had Molly with us, it wasn't going to happen. It was really cool though--double decker. So, Sk got all sad of course as we were leaving the mall and not getting to ride. She said, "Momma, the carousel is so sad. It has tears since I didn't ride it..." Goofy kid.

*We signed up SK for some swim lessons to start in a couple of weeks. I needed this more than here. The house we nanny at has a pool (completely fenced and all), but I thought it would be good for her to take a few lessons so when we do go swimming this summer, she will have some skills at least to help me rest easy (a little at least maybe?). She is all excited about the fun pool that we have lessons at and has already told me that "I don't need mommy to help!" Oh my. Start praying now for both of us.

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  1. There's a ballet class on campus. I don't know any details, but I'm sure you can get some from cov-love.