Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Made it through the stom.

We had quite the storm come through Sunday night here in St. Louis. Michael was up reading and flipped on the news during a break to check the weather since he had heard some bad stuff might be coming. Then the sirens came. He woke me up at about 11:30 and we rushed to gather some stuff, get SK, and get down to our basement. The news people said that we probably had up to about 100 mph winds come through and man did it sound like that. I came and left quickly, but it sure did leave a mark. Our neighborhood seemed to be the worst hit. Michael could tell after going outside after the storm passed that there was probably much damage around, but our car was fine and nothing to our house that we could tell. The power did go out immediately as the storm came. So we went on the bed and waited till the next day to see what all damage had occured. I got ready for work by candlelight and headed out. The main road beside our house (like 4 houses down) was closed due to about 6 downed poles. I had to find an alternate route to work and saw many trees down on my way out of our neighborhood. Some cars were crushed by trees and roofs damaged. We brought some bags of ice home that afternoon to hope to save our fridge and freezer food. We were supposed to have company for dinner that night, but instead headed over to their house to eat since our power was still out. We do have radiator heat (doesn't work very well at all with the power out), but the house didn't get too cold overnight. We lit some candles and headed to bed that night. After getting ready for work by candlelight again this morning, the power came on just as I was walking out the door for work. I am very thankful that we didn't have damage to our car or anything else. The city really did a great job with cleaning up the mess from the storm and worked around the clock to get lines back up and running.
On a side note, say a prayer for Michael. His school work is starting to pile up. He has a book critique thing due tomorrow and 2 papers due next week along with plenty on class reading to do. He stays up many nights late reading and working on stuff to try to not take away from time with us. He's a good man. I got a good catch to say the least. Pray that he can get it all done though and get some good sleep, we haven't slept well in a few nights due to storm stuff and Sk not sleeping well one night. Thanks friends :)

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  1. What a way to kick things off in a new town. Glad you are all ok and no damage to the car. We'll most certainly be praying for Michael as the school work increases. Love you guys!