Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun Day other than feeling a little under the weather...

SK and I woke up this morning both a little cruddy. I am thinking the season change is getting us both. Just the sinus kind of stuff. Worst part for me is the sinus headache. It makes me dizzy and feeling all out of sorts. We are all laid up feeling horrible, just feeling a little off. So I tried to make it a fun day in spite of our feeling stuffy and such. We headed out this morning to a consignment sale that I saw online and found SK a cute outfit, some princess jammies and a pair of shoes. She was a great shopper and she was the one who found the jammies for $1!! Woohoo, we love us some cheap pajamas :) And she was so excited to get some princess ones. We aren't too big on Disney themed clothing, but seeing her face light up is way too cute to say no to. We ran a few errands then met Daddy over at the school to eat sandwiches together, then headed home for nap. After nap, we headed to Chick-fil-A since Daddy is working tonight and got dinner. Then, decided to be crazy and go check out The Magic House which is free the third Friday night of each month. We had heard it was definitely something we needed to see and SK would love it. Well. She did. She had so much fun. But, so did 75,000 other kids. That place was packed. I figured it might be packed, but my goodness. There were so many kids there. At least it was free and she had so much fun. But, with the sinus headache causing me to be dizzy with a million little kids running all around me, we scooted out and headed home. Hopefully we will get to go back over there on another day when it isn't so crouded and play some more. Now I sit drinking some hot tea hoping I will be able to sleep tonight. My sinuses are not feeling so good. Probably did too much today, but I wanted to enjoy a free day with my girl. I even got 3 dresses done for her during nap. I was down to needing to put buttonholes on and I still have to sew the buttons on, but that will hopefully happen tomorrow during nap. Well, off to enjoy this tea and kick back on the couch for a bit before heading to bed :) Here's a quick picture recap of our fun night at the Magic House:

Night, Night y'all!


  1. Please just squeeze her and give that sweet face a kiss for Mimi! Missing ya'll so much!!