Monday, January 31, 2011

More Snow/Freezing Rain headed our way

Well, more snow/ice is headed our way today through Wed. I am not liking what the weather forecasts are predicting. Michael found predictions ranging from 8-20 inches of snow and 1-2 inches of ice under all of that. boo. I have learned how to deal with the snow, even getting some nifty snow boots to get around, but ice. Me not likey. They are warning people to be prepared for power outages. oh my. I am off to work this morning. Just thought I would do a quick update in case I don't get a chance to later. If you read this, pray for our safety and that this wouldn't cause our power to go out. We southerners don't really like this cold stuff. The snow is cute and all for a little bit, but ice not so much.
On another note, we really enjoyed church yesterday. We visited the Kirk for the second time and even went to a K-group (kind of like our community groups from back in Alabama) last night. It was nice to get to meet more people and feel so welcomed in. SK is liking it too, which is so nice. She actually went to her own class during the service (this being the first time since we have gotten here that she hasn't sat with us during the service) and she really enjoyed it we think. She knows a couple little girls in her class that are seminary girls too. She calls one of the girls "my best friend". She's so stinkin cute :)
Gotta head to work, but pray for us, ok? Thanks :)

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  1. Oh My! After talking to ya'll last night... I prayed, and did so again this morning! Don't like the ice either!!! Also, so precious about Cute little one and her "best friend"... I love it! I can see where she'll have many best friends, how sweet!!! She is just sooooooo Cute!!!
    Have a good day at work/school, ya'll be safe!
    We'll see ya'll soon... God willing:)
    Much love, Nana