Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Half way through week 1!

Well, we have made it half-way through the first week of things gearing up around here. I started my nanny job on Monday, and so far things are going pretty well all things considered. The baby has done awesome and is really being sweet. I forget how demanding little ones can be though. They cry when they need something (or sometimes who knows why they cry...), and I am more used to a 2 year old that can come and tell me what she wants or needs. How quickly they change. Speaking of changes, SK decided that this would be a good time to do this whole potty training thing. While it isn't the ideal week for this, who's to stop a determined two year old who said she is ready to wear panties and "tee-tee in the potty!" We eased into it around our own house this weekend and she did great. Then Monday I decided to not try too hard since it was day 1 on the job and I didn't want to get too stressed. So, day 2 we attempted more panty wearing time...which turned into quite an eventful day. SK comes up to me after leaving the room for a few minutes and said "I tee-teed mama.." which I then discovered was more than just was poop too.. and it ended up quite fun to clean up (esp. when you are in someone elses home and trying to keep it clean and not let the place smell like poop!). BUT, today we were in panties again and guess who decided to run to the potty and put her poopy in the potty for the first time! All on her own too. I was so proud!
Ok, so enough potty talk, I know I have said tee-tee and poopy a lot in the last couple of posts, but that is all I have heard around here lately. Not to mention the amount of time spent hanging out in the bathroom....
The job is going well so far. I am still getting used to getting up and out the door before the sun comes up and not getting to be at home in the mornings, but I am so thankful for the provision of this job. The Lord has truly blessed me with a great job where I can keep SK with me and still be mommy.
Michael starts classes tomorrow. Pray for him as he starts classes. That his load won't be too much with school and job and husband/daddy too. He took his Bible Content exam yesterday and he felt pretty good about it. It sounded like quite the test, but he studied quite a bit for it, so we shall see how he did on it sometime soon hopefully.
Well, I am off to fold laundry and get ready for bed. Early to bed so I can be early to rise :)

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