Friday, January 14, 2011


Well, I can officially say that we have unpacked all of our boxes. woohoo!!! We have hung pictures on the wall and can finally eat at our dining room table! It feels nice to have things pretty well set up here and looking more like home. SK is adjusting so well here and I am so thankful for that. She loves her new house and what a special treat to have snow our first week here. SK LOVES the snow. We talk about it lots around here. The weather today was much warmer, getting above freezing even :) While Michael was a work, SK and I decided to venture out to find the library here in Richmond Heights and then head to Whole Foods where I was able to use a few coupons and get some deals. It can't really compare to my Publix deals, but it will do for now :)

I really do love our home. It is warm and has such character. I like it. Oh, have I mentioned we have squirrel friends? There are many trees in our neighborhood and so we have lots of squirrels who love to play in those said trees and along the rooftops. I am getting more used to the sounds of something running along the window ledges and our terrace thingys out front.

I met with the family that I will be nannying for yesterday. They are very kind and their daughter is so cute and I look foward to SK meeting her. I will start working not this coming week, but the next. I am looking foward to getting more into a routine around here. I think it will do us some good. Right now we are doing different things every day and running around getting things done. Of course, with the coming routine, will come less time with Michael I am sure. He has gotten most of his books for the coming semester and there are quite a few. I couldn't imagine going back to school and reading so much. He is excited about it though and I look foward to learning with him through this whole crazy process.

I know I haven't added pictures lately, but I will post some soon. Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday!

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