Monday, January 17, 2011

Random Pictures with Update!

Just getting started with our book collection...These are Michael's books for his 4 classes this spring, and there are still 3 to add to the stack!

My dear friend from Alabama, Melissa, painted this picture for us for our new home up here. The colors ended up working so well on this old shutter I had, and it looks so lovely in our living room. What a great reminder we need in front of us each day we are here.

Saturday, we decided to take some time out for fun with SK. We are learning more and more about how St. Louis has great activities that are free or cheap for kids. We decided to head out to Forest Park, about 1.5 miles from our house and see all that it had to offer. We spent most of the morning in the Science Museum, where SK had a blast! The museum is split over the interstate with a bridge going over the interstate. SK loved the see through glass where you could see cars passing below.

Mommy and SK at the Science Museum!

Daddy helping Sk see through the telescope.

Also at Forest Park, we found an outdoor iceskating rink. We happened to get there while the speed skaters were practicing, which was really cool to watch.

We were cooking dinner the other night and saw the most beautiful sunset from our windows at the back in the kitchen. So, here is the view we see while cooking dinner! Not too bad, huh!

And lastly, Isn't she cute with french braids!

We are taking it easy around here today, esp. since all the things we need to do are closed today, like driver's license and car tag, ect. Michael is studying for his Bible Content Exam, which he will take next Tuesday. So, I have been getting my knitting back out and getting new projects going! I will share later with what I have made....
Hope everyone is having a nice Monday!


  1. Thank you for sharing! All of you are just so cute... especially little one with those precious braids! So glad you've gotten back into your knitting... good job! Love you all so much... hugs and kisses!!! Nana

  2. Yes, she IS cute with french braids.
    And you are cute in your hat. :)
    Let us know what books Michael needs for classes, I recognized several in his stack and I'm sure we could lend you some so y'all don't have to pay the big bucks for them!:)

    Miss y'all!