Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random thoughts on this snowy early morn...

I am up early this morning thanks to a little 2 year old who, at 5:00 in the morning, cries out "I'm wet! I tee-teed!". She tee-teed so much in fact that it required a whole outfit change and instead of changing sheets at this early hour, she came to bed with us to cuddle. I will deal with the sheets later...
So here are some random thoughts in my head this morning...
1. Hot water is a lovely thing. At our old house I never knew what mood the water would be in, hot, cold, or somewhere in between. Not fun for someone who loves a scoulding hot shower.
2. Snow is fun except for it makes for more laundry and my car is so dirty right now it is sad. We decided yesterday that we will have a 1 time a year cleaning and not worry about the rest. What's the point really? It was hard enough to keep the windshield clean in order to see out.
3. I ventured out on my own for the first time in St. Louis. Go figure my first time to drive here in town and there is snow everywhere. I needed to get out. Poor Michael needs a break from my craziness of "We must unpack everything right now and have this place looking homey now!" I don't boss, don't get me wrong, I just run around like a chicken with it's head cut off putting things in the right place. Unpacking is hard. Esp. when back home I had an army of great people helping. It takes forever it seems and isn't as fun by yourself (or just me and Michael).
4. We went up to the seminary yesterday and that was fun to see it again. We were told that we needed to check out Forest Park for sledding. Man, was that place popular. There was a great hill in front of the Art Museum and it was packed with people. We didn't have a sled or proper clothing on for it, plus there wasn't a parking spot to be found anywhere close, so we just did a drive by, and it was fun. It was a good break from our crazy unpacking and running around getting things checked off our list.
5. I met a lady at the Seminary yesterday that is over the childcare at the Seminary. She gave me a brochure and I am really looking foward to some of the things that go on up at the school. There is a free Parent's morning out that I hope to get SK going to this semester. I think she would enjoy it and make some good friends at.
6. Michael starts training today at ChickfilA. I think it is going to be a good job. I met the lady that will I guess be his boss, and she was very kind and sweet. Pray for him that training goes well and as he starts classes that he doesn't feel overloaded.
7. I am going tomorrow to meet with the family that I will be nannying for. I am excited about my job and pray that SK adjusts well with Molly being with us each day.
8. Skype is a lovely invention. It has been nice to get to see our family and friends on the "Puter" as SK calls it.
9. I love that we live so close to things up here. This is something that we have never had thus far in our marriage. We have always lived a good distance from work and grocery stores and all, that this is a nice change. We are literally walking distance to Schnucks (not a Publix, but it will do). And our bank is just past it, could walk to it as well if we wanted. Target is 5 minutes away (that could be good or bad depending on how you look at it :)). We are 10-15 minutes from the Seminary and both of our jobs. It is nice to not have to drive so much and not have to fill our tanks so often with gas.
10. Hopefully SK and I can get some things done around here today while Michael is at work. I am itching to get some pictures on the wall since I think we pretty much have furniture in it's place. My goal today is to get the dining room table cleaned off with all the stuff all over it so that we can start eating at our table instead of the couch. And laundry today. And organize the pantry. And finish unpacking SK's room (Poor kid, her room is the only room left with boxes still sitting around). And...nevermind, let's be real, all that won't get done, but wouldn't it be nice if it did...