Saturday, January 22, 2011

Field Trip with Mommy and SK

We decided after this last snow (all 8" of it) we would go try out our new sled at Forest Park. We found a different hill from the one that I posted about the other day. One a bit less crowded and long. Daddy and SK took a few trips down the hill together (that is after SK let Daddy test out the hill first and watch him do it). At that point Mommy's toes were done for the day, so we headed back home :)

(This is the World's Fair Pavilion, for those of you that have seen the movie
"Meet me in St. Louis")

So after moving here, I decided SK was at a good age to start helping with chores around the house. She loves it and makes mundane tasks, more fun with her cheerful attitude :)
So when I unload the dishwasher, she takes this post of unload the silverware!

Since Michael had to work today, I decided SK and I needed to go on an adventure and explore. I knew I wanted to go find snow boots for both of us (since my feet have been freezing and I know SK didn't have good shoes for getting out in the snow). After finding boots for both of us, we ventured to a town called St. Charles, which was about 30 minutes from our house. I had heard someone say it had a cute historic downtown area, so we decided today would be a great day to check it out. It was getting close to lunchtime, so we just drove down the main street and decided we needed to bring Daddy back with us on a warmer day to check out all of the cute shops. It was fun though to see it. Then we came back home for lunch and hopefully going down for a nap soon.
On another note, yesterday we got to go over to another seminary family's house and stock up on some incredible FREE bread! St. Louis Bread Co (aka Panera Bread for you Bham folks) donates their day old bread to the seminary families. I found out about it through some friends that we had been connected with from friends back in Alabama, and I am so thankful for some yummy bread! We got over there and saw a boutiful supply of all sorts/types of bread possible! and it was free!! (did I mention that already!) They do this twice a month, so I definitely plan to be a part of this while we are here :) We ate some last night with our dinner, the had cinnamon rolls this morning, and have plenty to last us the week! (I might even freeze some). Sorry, rambling I know, just excited about this!

Temps have been cold here, but we are getting used to all the extra layers. It takes so much more work, I will be thankful for summertime when it doesn't take so long to get myself and SK bundled up and out the door.

The snow is fun....and pretty...and cold. Off to get some hot chocolate and knit after getting the little monkey down for a nap :)


  1. So much fun! Maisy was born in St. Charles!

  2. Wow, so much snow!! Sarah Kate's boots are adorable! So glad you found some! I'm excited about the St. Charles district. Can't wait to see it when I go for my visit. Sounds like our kind of shopping fun! Or just looking!! It's so fun to see Sarah Kate doing her little chores with you and it is fun to have your little one help well I remember! MISS YOU GUYS!!
    Love Ya, MIMI

  3. Glad you hooked up with Coralie and Jonathan and got you some bread!

  4. So exciting all these updates! Little miss Sarah Kate is such a big girl helping mommy! The outfits just make it so precious... priceless!!! Also, can't wait to see the fair pavilion from" meet me in St. Louis" one of our favorite movies, so glad we all got to watch it together before y'all left. So cute Michael & Sarah Kate walking hand & hand up the slop to slide down... precious! Loved Sarah Kate calling to tell me that she used her big girl potty! And The purple hat was so cute on her too, I had fun doing that with you... good job on the ear flaps! To funny little one wearing her polkdot tights and snow boots... love it!!! Keep up the knitting, so proud of you. talk to y'all later. All our love Nana :).