Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Storm #2

We are 2 weeks in and now in our 2nd snow storm here in St. Louis! The storm that just came through last night was said to be the biggest this season here. Go figure. It waits on us to get here. It is pretty to look at. And fun to play in for a few minutes at least. I must say though, that it is a lot of work to "play" in the snow. We start bundling up SK at 10, then Momma and Daddy get all our gear on and finally get out the door about 30-45 minutes later. After all of that work, we stay out for maybe 30 minutes before heading back in. We forgot to take our measuring stick out, but we are thinking it is about 8 or so inches at our house. And still falling a little. This is an adjustment for me to say the least. I like beach weather. The snow is fun for a day or so, but 2 weeks so far we have pretty much seen snow on the ground. And, to top it off, it will get down to 4 degrees tonight. 4!! I guess that is better than the zero that had been predicted earlier this week. I should count my blessings right :)

SK loved playing in the snow and sledding around. Even though it is really almost too much snow to sled in. She rode around and the snow just piled in with her. She threw a few snowballs, then Mommy convinced her it was time to head inside for a warm lunch. The funiest part of heading outside, was using SK as our measuring stick. Isn't she cute as a measuring stick?!?

Michael has the day off so we plan to just hang out here and stay warm, then Michael has to shovel the driveway so that he can get out for work tomorrow! What an adventure our time in St. Louis has been so far!

We are off to go bake some cookies then settle down for naptime! Enjoying the day before things get busier next week!

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  1. Enjoying all the pictures and the updates... keep it coming!
    All my love, Nana