Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just another Sat. in St. Louis!

We had a good week getting started with my job and Michael's classes. We decided Sat. do spend some time doing some fun stuff since Michael didn't have too much reading and school work yet. So SK and I had discovered St. Charles last weekend and had heard they were having an ice carving carnival thing so we decided to go check it out. It was warming up to a warm 42 degrees so we decided it would be a good day to get out for a bit (Now I know you Alabamians had much better weather warming to over 70 I hear, so don't rub it in...). We started out our morning splurging on a yummy breakfast at Bob Evan's (don't have those in Bham, so ha :)). We loved it and def. plan to go back there sometime. Then we were off to St. Charles (it's about 30 minutes away--which seems far here in St. Louis since everything else is so close). It was fun seeing all of the ice carvers making some really cool things, then we walked the Main street checking out the shops (more window shopping since most shops were not fun for a certain cute 2 year old). It was a fun Sat. which then ended with a fun grocery trip(my how Sat. nights have changed over the years!). I am on a mission this week to start cooking some yummy foods and using more produce than anything else! I spent the afternoon gathering up recipes (Thanks to the Pioneer Woman!) and got everything week need for a yummy menu this week! So here is our menu:

Sunday: Chicken Quessadilla's with Refried Beans (Me and SK will be having PW's ones with chicken and pineapple. Michael with have just chicken :)).

Monday: Lasagna (Thanks again PW)

Tues: Chicken and Dumplings (Guess who's recipe?!?!)

Wed.: Michael is working--so it will be a leftover night

Thurs: Chicken Enchiladas

If you haven't heard of Pioneer Woman, you should definitely check her out. I have a link to her blog on my sidebar. You can look through her recipes and she does blogging too.

Well, that's all I got for now. Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday. Off to get ready for worship!

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  1. I LOVE Pioneer Woman-- I went through quite a stretch a few weeks ago where the only thing I cooked were her recipes :) sounds like you guys are adjusting well to st. louis-- i know too well the joys and strife of moving and supporting someone through seminary (though I didn't do it w/ a two year old!). praying for you guys!