Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Workin in the snow...

So yesterday I got up to see texts from the family that I nanny saying that she still had to report to work and needed to be there by 7.Of course, I must add that the road crews had done an incredible job treating the roads and so the drive to their house was fine, but it was the getting home in the midst of a "blizzard warning" that I was concerned about. She was getting off early (1:00), so I got to head home after that. Wow. I can honestly say that if I knew the roads were in the shape they were in I would have stayed at their house or let them drive me home. It was horrible. HORRIBLE. I was upset, but made it home after much cussing and praying happening all at the same time in my car (at least I am honest, right?). The storm ended up being worse to the north of us, so we dodged the bad snow. Good news. And because of the road conditions, the baby is being brought to my house so that I don't have to tackle the drive. I am thankful to not to have to drive in what I did yesterday. Did I mention that it was HORRIBLE!!!
Michael on the other hand, got to stay home with SK yesterday since classes were cancelled and the mall was closed, so he didn't have work either. He doesn't have class again today and not sure yet about work for him.
If this would have come through Alabama, everyone would stay home, no questions asked.
The people did prepare here for the worse. Grocery stores had many empty shelves.
I am ready for summer. Heck, I will even take Spring. Just give me a sunny day with no snow on the ground. That would be nice. I am ready to get out and feel the sunshine on my skin.
Ok, I need to stop complaining I know. I am just still adjusting to this full time work and having to be somewhere every week day. I like to be home and taking care of my family at my own house. But I am so thankful for this job. I am thankful that it is in someone elses home that I feel comfortable in and can still have SK with me and Michael can even come over in between classes (when they don't call a snow day and tell them to stay home...) and eat lunch with us and hang out. I am thankful. It's just different. I just have to get used to it.
So we are thankful that we didn't get the blizzard that was predicted and that I dont have to get out today. The snow is pretty, well, it is more like sleet/snow/ice layered up, but I am just about done with snow.
Changing the subject. SK was going to bed last night and I was laying with her. She got to talking about heaven and how Mommy and daddy and SK are all going to heaven and how great it was going to be. Precious. Then she asked if she could have her birthday there. That would be a lovely place for a birthday party. I do long for heaven. I long for the day that we can all be there together worshipping our Savior. Perfection (for those who believe). In heaven, I imagine the roads won't be dangerously icey. And we won't have to go to work. And we won't have pain and suffering. And there won't be the ugly sin that I constantly fight and struggle with. And Christ will be there along with some other pretty cool people. Like our baby. Oh, how I long for heaven.

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  1. When I tlked to you yesterday after your horrible drive home I could hear the shaking in your voice and knew you had just been tested. My heart cried out in silence to hold "my baby" who is this beautiful grown up lady now, who so lovingly takes care of her husband and "their baby". I love you guys so much and am so proud of the godly woman you are becoming. A work of Christ in the making. Love you always, Mom