Monday, February 14, 2011

Mimi's visit to St Louis!

We had another fun weekend this weekend as Mimi flew up for her first visit here. The weather ended up warming up, much needed!, so we were able to spend some time outdoors. I needed the vitamin d for sure. We spent time showing Mimi around town, eating some yummy food, and even made it out to the zoo yesterday! It seems that everyone else in St. Louis had the same idea, so it was quite a crowd there, but we still had a blast. So, now for the pictures:

Steinberg Ice Rink at Forest Park

Seeing inside Union Station

Making homemade biscuits!
(or more like playing in flour to see how messy we can make the kitchen!)

SK got to get some new ballet shoes at a fun ballet store!

At the zoo looking at the animals with daddy! (I love this picture by the way :))

Special treat getting to ride the carousel at the zoo!

This is what we see Daddy to lots of these days. Reading! As I blog right now, he sits in the same chair reading more. Since this is Valentine's day and all I want daddy to know how proud I am to get to call him my husband :) We aren't big into cards (too sensible for our own good probably), but I do want him to know that I love him more today than the day we got married and I am so blessed to share my life with him by my side. I could go on and on with mushy stuff, but I will keep it all I love you and cherish the love you give to me each and every day, even though I might not show it well sometimes, I love you beyond words. Thank you for being such a rock in our family and leading us so well. I know you aren't perfect, but you look to the ONE who is.

Ok, off to bed. Happy Valentine's Day yall!

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  1. What an awesome weekend! From making biscuits with Sarah Kate (which I must admit won the prize for the biggest mess I ever made while baking with you, Michelle. Way to go Sarah Kate!!); to shopping with my girls, to seeing the city with Michael as a wonderful tour guide, to dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant, to Sarah Kate picking out a "real" ballerina dress and ballet slippers, to going to a special worship service at a church Michael and Michelle are visiting, and sweet, whispered bedtime conversations with Sarah Kate and much more!! Goodbyes at the airport were hard as I knew time and distance would follow, but I know you guys are following God's plan for your lives and so the tears that ensued were both tears of joy in knowing that, mixed with tears of missing you! I love you!!! Mom (Rhonda and Mimi)