Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 thoughts

So, I feel like blogging again. 2 in 1 day, I know! I think there are just too many random things going on in my head these days. Esp. due to being so busy it seems. So I will give you 10 random things...

1. I don't think I have mentioned on here, but have I mentioned that I am pretty proud of my hubby :) He's pretty smart you know...Well, when we moved here, Michael had to prepare for and take a "Bible Content Exam" for school. He was told not to stress over it, that it was ok if he didn't pass it the first time, but he would have to pass it at some point in seminary before graduating. How did he do? Passed :) He studied well for it and I knew he would do well, but wasn't sure what to expect. Good job babe!

2. Given the good weather we have been having, I decided to venture to the seminary playground today to let so play and maybe get to meet some other mommas. Well, Sk had fun, but I was kinda bummed not to get to meet any mommas. Not too many out there to begin with, so I know more play days are coming and hopefully I can meet some other women, but I just am ready for that, you know. I am no good at being assertive either, so that doesn't help.

3. Maja Clayton, one of my dearest friends from back in Moody, is pretty stinkin awesome. I got home from a tiring grocery trip today (after working) and there sat at my front door, a package from Maja (mailed). She sent me a ready to smock top for SK and extra material to make some pants to go with it :) I can't wait to smock it. What a lovely bday gift! Maja, you rock!

4. My house is slowly turning into a disaster zone. Not being home during the day is starting to show around the house. I guess I could get up and work on it now, but I wanna chill here with SK and eat dinner and watch Happy Feet, so that is what we shall do. Laundry can happen later.

5. I am still crafting, just haven't blogged about much of it lately. I will "try" to post some pictures sometime of things I have been up to like smocking an outfit for my niece (who's 1st bday is today!!), knitting a scarf for Michael, smocking a couple things for SK, ect. ect...

6. So Michael and I are tired of the same ole stuff for breakfast, so I am trying to mix it up and try out some new ideas. I saw in Pioneer Woman's cookbook (Thanks to my hubby getting it for me for my bday!!) a recipe for breakfast burritos make a batch of them and then freezing them individually. I am gonna try this out tomorrow and see how it goes.

7. I got a new pair of jeans yesterday at Target. Clearanced to $4!! I was in a hurry so I just grabbed the size that I thought would be mine and figured I could return if they didn't fit. Just too good of a deal to pass up, since I wear jeans just about every day. They fit!! Woohoo :)

8. Couponing is hard up here. For multiple reasons. There's no Publix here and the deals that go along with that. Deals are harder to come by. And my time is more limited with me working full time. This also means our grocery bills are twice what they were in B'ham. boo. I am working on it and we shall see....

9. Now that I am on b-12 shots, my appetite has gone through the roof. I eat breakfast and immediately start thinking about a snack. Eat lunch then think I could eat another lunch if I had the time or energy to get something else to eat. Also it isn't good for me and grocery shopping. I tend to want to do more impulse buying of things that "look good" but might not be on sale, which is so against my rules on grocery shopping. I like me some food lately. I made gooey butter cake on my bday. Yumm.

10. Now that we are pretty well settled around here I have gotten back into reading. So far I have read some good stuff. First book was by Mary Beth Chapman (Steven Curtis's wife) called Choosing to See. It was a good book. So good that I read it in 2 days. Now I am reading A Praying Life. I have had many friends read this and I am looking foward to it. Then my dear hubby is starting a book list for me of things he is reading that he really wants me to read. I am looking foward to learning as he does through his classes. Good stuff.

Well, I am off to get ready for bed. Maybe smock a little before sleep. We shall see. Night Night!!

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