Saturday, February 19, 2011

Productive day!

We have had a productive day so far and I am glad. I needed it :) Yesterday I brought Molly back to our house and during naps, I was able to clean house, which was greatly needed around here. Michael had to work last night, so SK and I had a date night, just us girls. We headed to Noodles and Co., where I had a coupon for a free meal (bday deal when you join their email club), so we shared a meal there, then went over to the mall where Michael was working, shopped around a bit and then went and got some icecream from Daddy at Chick-fil-A. It was fun to hang out with SK and have some fun, but it kinda made me miss girl's nights back in Alabama.

So, moving on. We got up this morning and decided to head to a place called Soulard Market, towards downtown, which holds a year-round farmer's market. It was fun. South City is a cool little area we had not really checked out yet, so that was fun to go and see. We got some fresh veggies and even some fun homemade pasta--Lime Cilantro flavored, that I can't wait to try out for dinner some night soon! After leaving the market, we discovered a donut shop that sold the "World's Fair Donuts!", so we had to drop in a get a mid-morning snack. Prices were great at $1.60 for 3 yummy donuts :) Gotta love me a good deal right?!? We checked out Tower Grove park and also saw where Missouri Botanical Gardens is located and decided it was a must see on a warmer day! We had to head home today though, since Michael had to head back to work again today.
I decided to whip out the sewing machine for the first time since getting up here since SK was very well entertained coloring beside me on the floor (Don't worry the heater isn't on). It was nice to sew again, even if it wasn't at the lovely Maja Clayton's with great company and good coffee and maybe a little almond skillet bread. Man, those were some good times... Sewing was good today though. I sewed up an outfit that is going in the mail today to my niece, Mackenzie for her birthday! I can't believe she turned 1 this last week! We are missing her Bday party today, but I know she is probably having a blast, or I hope so since she has been sick all last week it sounds like!

I also sewed up some pants with ruffles of course to go with the top Maja sent Sk. Adorable right?!?!! Now I just have to smock it and it's ready to wear!

Now to figure out something to cook for dinner and maybe knit a little before little bit wakes up from her nap...

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  1. Sounds like you girls had a really fun as well as productive day! Were the donuts as good as Krsipy Kreme? Sarah Kate's new raincoat looks so very cute ith her umbrella. Makes such a cute little model! Really glad to hear you got a day of sewing in and the outfit you are making SK thanks to Maja is really stinking cute as you say!! Give the monkey a kiss for Mimi! We so missed you guys at the birthday party today...the outfit you made Kenzie looks adorable! Skype me soon!
    Love ya Mom