Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My quick thoughts...

So it seems, time is limited these days with updating the blog. With working all day, then getting home and cooking dinner then getting SK ready for bed and myself the same, I never take time at night to blog, then I get up in the morning and want to update, but my brain doesn't work as well in the 5 o'clock hour for some reason. (wow, that probably shouldn't have been 1 sentance...) Anyways. I recall thinking throughout the day, ooh! that would be a good thing to blog about, but when I sit to blog, I can't ever remember what "that" was that I was going to blog about. Things are going well though. This week has been warmer which has been so nice. Sk and I actually played outside while Molly watched in her bumbo. (Molly is the baby we watch). We all needed some fresh air and SK needed to burn some energy. It was nice. Last night after dinner (Chicken and dumpings...yumm!) I headed to a thing called Seminary Chicks, which is through the church we have been visiting, for seminary wives every other week. It was nice to meet some other wives and hang out. I am looking foward to getting to know some other women up here. I long for that. I have to admit that has been one of the harder things with this transition to St. Louis. I love my Sisters back home and greatly miss those relationships (well, the relationships are still there, but you know what I mean). Coming in the winter time is harder in that it is harder to get out and meet people. Like in the summer, I can run over to the seminar playground and meet other mommas, but we haven't been to the playground yet sincei it has been so incredibly cold. We are feeling like sticking with the church that we have visited a few times now. We like it there and feel like it is somewhere that we can really be fed truth and get plugged in at and be a part of. Gotta head to work. Hopefully will find time somewhere to blog a little more not so rambled thoughts, but take what you can get :)

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