Monday, February 7, 2011

Nana and Pop Weekend!

Nana and Pop came up this last weekend and stayed with us. This was their first visit up and their first time ever in St. Louis. We had a blast showing them our new digs and town. We got to eat out the first night at a place called Zia's which is in an Italian area called "The Hill". It a delicious treat for my birthday. We had fun showing them around on Sat. and and hanging out at our place on Sunday. We did have plenty of snow here to greet them as they came into town and had about 4-5 inches the first night/next morning when they were here (and I think they went through quite a bit of snow driving home today too!). So here is a recap of our weekend in pictures! Enjoy!

First night--eating at Zia's

SK got a special treat getting to go to Build a Bear!

We went to see the arch, but "unfortunately" we couldn't go to the top since they were doing some repairs...
Birthday Cupcakes with purple icing, SK's favorite color!

Giving lovin's...


  1. Wow! I can't tell you guys enough how much fun we had! So special, every moment together... we'll cherish those moments always! Love the pictures... hope to down load our pictures tomorrow and share them. The food was amazing, and the house is adorable! We can't wait to come back! As we left the house we both laughed and cried... thinking about all the special moments we shared, and of leaving ya'll again. What fun to be had as we continue to explore St. Louis with our family!
    Hugs and Kisses dear ones... Nana

  2. O I'm so happy you got to see your family! I know they were excited to see you!