Friday, February 11, 2011

Fun birthday for Momma!

Well, I turned 27 yesterday. That is getting closer to 30 and I am not sure how I feel about that. It happens I guess to everyone. I got up to a sweet card from my hubby and a new cookbook! Of course, I had told him about 55 times a day that I really wanted the pioneer woman's cookbook, so he didn't have to guess this year as to what he should get me :) I have been all about some cooking lately. I think it is due to not doing good cooking for so many months. When we packed up our house in May of last year, many of my "non-essentials" for the kitchen went into boxes that didn't get unpacked till we got up here to St. Louis. It didn't make sense to unpack them in our rental house for just 6 months. So we were limited with things at the rental. BUT, now I have all of my kitchen gear out and I am ready to get cooking! I headed to work and had a good morning till SK decided to give me an explosion of a fit. This one only lasted about 10 minutes before she settled down and we were able to talk through it....yep, I said this one, meaning there was another. Michael came over for lunch and SK decided she didn't want to obey by sitting in her chair and eat lunch. Even telling me "NO!" So, Daddy took over and took her to the other room and she got her little spanking and then it was downhill from there. It wasn't pretty. After a good 30 minutes we were finally able to make her stop screaming and calm down and listen to us. Good times :) She never did eat lunch. O well. After work, Sk and I headed to get my mom from the airport and headed back home to show Mimi our new digs. Michael got home from class and we headed out to eat dinner at a fun Italian place back over at the Hill area (where we went last weekend too). I love me some good pasta :)
All in all, it was a good day. SK did draw me a cute b'day picture and when she wasn't in the middle of the fits, I got some good lovings from her and she told me Happy B'day! lots, and even sang Happy Birthday to me :)
I am off to work this morning, just 1/2 a day, then we are gonna have some fun with Mimi in town for the weekend!

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